What's Worth Splurging on for Your Wedding

These are the parts of your nuptials not to DIY.

What's Worth Splurging on for Your Wedding

Photo: Christine Bentley

what to splurge on for your wedding, what you shouldn't skimp on for your wedding
Photo by Christine Bentley Photography

No matter how large the spending limit of your wedding is, you likely will have to choose which vendors to prioritize. You might not be skimping on anything, but there are certainly a few aspects that are worth splurging on. If you spend every afternoon in your garden, it’s probably the floral design. If you work in fashion, it might be your dress. People generally have different priorities and visions for their special day, but if you’re at a loss as to which categories should get a slightly larger portion of your budget than the template you found online indicates, we do have a few suggestions for some options. 

Wedding Planner
Many people think this is something you can forgo entirely, but the right consultant will make everything throughout the planning process go so much smoother. Not only will you have less stress, but an elite coordinator will have strong relationships with vendors, finding you the best deals for the top professionals in the industry. 


The memories from your wedding will last a lifetime, but you’ll still want to look back to see everything in crisp detail. Bad-quality photos will leave you wondering if the day was as perfect as you originally thought. You’ll also be spending a lot of time with your photographer, and it’s important that you feel comfortable in each other’s presence. 

Naturally, the motives here are similar to picking a top photographer. When rewatching the film of your nuptials, you want something that looks polished and professional – not like you handed a camcorder to your cousin and called it a day. When you choose to relive the day through video, you want it to look as good as it felt. 

Most couple's goals for their reception is for everyone to have a great time, right? Well the best way to guarantee that is by hiring quality entertainment. This could mean bringing in acrobatic performers or dancers, selecting a fun and energetic band, or even finding a DJ that produces mash-ups that you know your friends will love. A playlist, no matter how carefully you curate it, simply won’t cut it.

Learn how to pick your wedding colors, discover the top complaints from guests, and view real weddings for inspiration!

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