Where to Hide an Engagement Ring Before Proposing

Find a snooping-proof spot to keep the surprise safe!

Though the stereotypes are that they aren’t that involved or knowledgeable when it comes to wedding planning, it’s possible that grooms aren’t given enough credit when it comes to the event that gets everything started: the proposal. Of course, it’s not always men who are popping the question – or even in the relationship at all – but no matter who ultimately gets down on one knee, it’s a stressful time. Yes, in these modern days couples have often already discussed their intentions with one another, so the stress (hopefully!) is not about the answer. However, there is still a lot of pressure for everything to go perfectly, or at least make a good story. Picking out the ring, if you didn’t do so together, can add another layer of anxiety to the proceedings. And once you do have the engagement ring, where do you put it? Since most proposals aren’t completely a surprise, there’s a chance your beloved could be snooping on purpose, and there’s always the risk of it being found by accident, especially if you already live together. 

where to hide an engagement ring, proposal ideas where to hide the ring
Photo by Elizabeth Fogarty

If you’re planning on getting an engagement ring for your sweetheart soon, here are some ideas on where to keep it safely hidden:

- In a second location. Do your parents live nearby? Do you have a very responsible and trustworthy friend who could hold on to it? Is your office secure and safe? These are all potential places where your significant other is extremely unlikely to stumble across the ring. 

- In plain sight. As long as no one gets in the mood to clear up some clutter, simply putting the ring in something that’s always around, such as a box or a bag, is likely to go unnoticed. 

- Up above. It’s human nature to look lower to the ground instead of up high, so the top shelf or cabinet has a good chance to be safe. Obviously, it’s especially useful if the person you’re planning to propose to happens to be on the shorter side. 

- Tucked away. Seasonal items, such as holiday or travel supplies that are packed well away, can be the perfect place to sneak in a ring box. Just be sure not to use the Christmas decorations for a hiding place if you’re planning a holiday proposal!

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier