Where to Use an Accent Color in Your Wedding

Tips for incorporating it into the design of your big day.

Here are some of our favorite ways to include an accent color.

Photo: Josh Lynn Photography

Besides asking when the date is, “What are your colors?” is probably the most common query engaged couples hear. It makes sense, as the color palette for your wedding is the basis of the design. Typically, there will be a main shade, a neutral hue, and an accent color. As celebrations become more personalized, this can vary with some lovebirds embracing a full rainbow while others go near monochromatic with everything in different shades of the same color. If you do choose to have a proper accent color, it is usually a shade that's difficult to find in flowers. A neutral ivory or classic blush makes for excellent centerpieces and bouquets, but navy tends to not be found in nurseries. So where do you incorporate an accent color?


Here are some of our favorite ways to include an accent color: 

- Linens. If the hue is particularly bold, it may be a bit much for the whole table. In that case, using your accent in the napkins can make for a fun pop of color.

- Bridesmaid dresses. Is your accent color more universally flattering than any of the main shades used on your big day? Your bridesmaids will appreciate having something easier to wear.

- Lounge furniture. This won’t compete with your classic tablescapes, but it will also draw your guests to the relaxing area perfect for mingling.

- Signature cocktail. Obviously not every hue is possible to create for a beverage, but if this works for your accent color it will make a big impression.

- Stationery. From your programs to your escort cards to your signage, these small details give you plenty of opportunity to work in a new color, whether on the paper itself or through calligraphy ink for a more subtle touch.

- Shoes. Brides who don’t go with a classic white or nude tend to enjoy making their heels the “something blue,” but it’s also a great way to use any accent color. Shoes are barely seen underneath a long bridal gown, but a fun pair of pumps makes for a great detail shot in your wedding album. 

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