Why Pastels Can Work for Any Wedding

Embrace these soft hues for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Why Pastels Can Work for Any Wedding

Photo: Milton Photography

pastel color scheme for weddings of every season

Photo by Milton Photography

When preparing to pick out their wedding colors, many couples find themselves looking to the season of their nuptials. After all, conventional wisdom dictates soft colors for spring and summer, with deeper shades dominating fall and winter, correct? Not necessarily. Given the popularity of pastel tones, we want to reassure brides and grooms that – if done the right way – pale colors can make for beautiful wedding palettes throughout the year. 

For starters, weather can be helpful in changing perceptions. If you live somewhere that never really experiences cooler temperatures, autumn foliage, or snow, lighter hues will likely never feel out of place. Think of the nature seen in deserts, such as succulents, for your inspiration. Similarly, a destination wedding in a tropical location would welcome softer colors – not to mention that if you travel to a different hemisphere, you are in a different season anyway!

However, any location can pull off pastel shades in the fall and winter months. It’s just a matter of finding the right hue. For the spring and summer, brighter versions of these pale colors reflect the energy of the warmer seasons. Cooler months seem to fit more naturally with muted colors. “But aren’t pastels already muted?” you may ask. Of course; however, the trick for fall and winter (or throughout the year, if it’s your style) is to find the shades with subtle, grey undertones. You’ll often see the adjective “dusty” used for colors this applies to, such as “dusty rose,” but in other instances they have their own unique names, for example: sage or steel blue.

If you’re still not sure about incorporating pastels in what feels off-season – perhaps you’re getting pushback from family members – you can always balance it with a deeper hue such as plum or navy. Using the light shade as an accent to décor focused on neutral hues should help as well.