Why You Should Have a Wedding Video

This is not an aspect of the big day you want to miss out on.

Though thankfully most brides and grooms feel they wouldn’t change a thing about their big day, when there are regrets about the wedding, it is often due to electing not to hire a videographer. With the creativity and quality available in photography nowadays, some mistakenly feel that having a video is an unnecessary additional expense. However, much like photography, videography has come a long way since the grainy footage of your parents’ nuptials. Older friends and relatives may tell you they never watch their old video, but you probably wouldn’t watch an hour-long movie of guests saying “congratulations” either. Modern versions can be anyway from three to 30 minutes long with all the major moments of the nuptials – including those you may have missed. What a wonderful anniversary tradition watching that could be.

why you should definitely have a wedding video
Photo by Kristina Lee Photography

Videography captures more than just moving pictures, but audio as well. The vows you and your spouse spent so much time writing, the touching toast given by your maid of honor – these are moments you’ll be able to relive with clarity thanks to a professional wedding video. Brides often speak of how quickly the day goes by, leaving everything a blur. Excellent photos can certainly help fill in the gaps, but a video can truly bring you back into the moment. It also provides footage of what a bride would otherwise miss, such as your sweetheart reading the letter you wrote or the flower girl walking down the aisle. 

Another benefit is, of course, the ability to share your big day with those who weren’t able to be there. Whether you have a destination wedding, have older relatives who can’t travel, or plan to wed the same day as your best friend’s brother, there are plenty of circumstances that lead to some of your loved ones not being able to be there to witness your nuptials in person. A video helps to keep them from entirely missing out on the special day.  

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier