Why You Should Have an Engagement Shoot

Read this if you aren't sure about taking engagement photos.

Back before the prevalence of social media, newly affianced couples used to announce their engagement in the local newspaper. The statement would be accompanied by a nice photo, which would certainly not be a quick selfie after the proposal. As such, the lovebirds would be sure to get a few portraits taken professionally – think of Friends, when Monica (Courteney Cox) struggled to get Chandler (Matthew Perry) to smile naturally. 

Nowadays people tend to announce their engagement right away, self-publishing on the social media platform of choice. Yet, sweethearts still regularly take part in a photo shoot, often much more elaborate than at a simple portrait studio. Some, especially those who loathe having their picture taken, may find this to be an unnecessary and frivolous expense. However, there are real benefits to taking part in an engagement session. why you should take engagement photos, the importance of having an engagement session
Photo by Kesha Lambert Photography

For one, the pictures can be utilized in many ways for the actual wedding. Selecting an engagement photo for the save the dates is a common choice, but they can also be used as part of the signage, for the wedding website, and even as a unique guest book. If there is an aspect of the day you had to compromise on – perhaps you wanted to elope in the mountains but acquiesced to hosting a celebration for the sake of your family – you can use an engagement shoot to experience part of a locale or aesthetic you won’t be able to feature at the actual wedding. 

Most importantly, an engagement session is a chance to get to know your photographer and adjust to being in front of the camera. If you aren’t accustomed to having your picture taken, a pre-wedding photo shoot will help you be able to pose more naturally on the big day. You’ll also be able to develop a rapport with your photographer. Worst-case scenario and you hate the photos? You still have a chance to cancel and find a photographer whose work will make you happy. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier