Would You Throw a Joint Bachelor-Bachelorette Party?

Why couples may have more fun at a co-ed celebration.

Would You Throw a Joint Bachelor-Bachelorette Party?

Photo: Carla Ten Eyck

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Earlier this month, groom-to-be Tracy Morgan and his fiancée, Megan Wollover, hit a bowling alley for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. The couple became the latest to buck tradition and celebrate the end of singledom together, with both male and female friends; Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson, Fergie and Josh Duhamel, and Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt also opted to include all of their friends in a combined party.

When it comes to parties, the more the merrier, right? Many couples will find that celebrating together is actually more fun than dividing the party on gender lines. There are tons of fun activities that your guy and girl friends will love – how about a day at the beach, a scavenger hunt, a house party, a trip to a nightclub, or an outing to a football or basketball game?

To decide if a joint bachelor/bachelorette party is right for you, consider:

You might enjoy a co-ed party if...

- You and your fiancé are equally close with each others' friends or have many friends of the opposite gender.

- You've been together for many years, or are on the older side, and feel silly celebrating the end of singlehood with a raucous party. You haven't been single for a while, after all!

- You're not a fan of traditional, over-sexed bachelor/bachelorette parties. With both men and women at your party, you have a great excuse for not hiring a stripper or using risqué décor.

- You want to invite family members. Since co-ed parties tend to be tamer, you can safely ask your siblings and cousins to attend without worrying about what they might see!

You might not enjoy a co-ed party if...

- You have a close group of girlfriends you want to let loose with. If you and your girls have been looking forward to your bachelorette party for years, there's no need to change your vision (especially if that vision includes a trip to a spa, shopping, or other "girly" activities!).

- You want a small, intimate party or getaway weekend. With a smaller group, you can plan a long weekend, for example, or visit that expensive restaurant you've been dying to try. More guests = more work and more personalities to satisfy.

- You want to have one last wild night as a single lady. It's the end of an era! Talking about cute boys (including your fiancé!) with your girlfriends is a fun way to celebrate this milestone in your life – and it's harder to do that with guy friends around!

Would you ever consider hosting a co-ed bachelorette party? Tell us in the comments!

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