Your Guide to Using Orchids in Your Wedding

Consider some modern twists for this opulent blossom.

Orchids are often seen as a luxurious and classic bloom to use in weddings, but the flower can also fit in well with more modern-styled nuptials – not just traditional or glamorous. There are thousands upon thousands of species of the bloom, so there are plenty of colors and styles to choose from in order to make sure it fits your vision. When people think of orchids as a wedding flower, they usually picture lush cascading bouquets or opulent centerpieces with crystal detailing. If that’s the look you are going for, great! However, if that doesn’t sound like your style and there is a sentimental reason you want orchids included in your big day, there are other options. 

modern bridal bouquet, marsala orchids, lots of greenery
Bridal bouquets today are bigger than they have ever been. Eclectic, loosely tied arrangements with bold colors and heavy greenery are all the rage. Interspersing a selection of orchids in a rich hue brings the flower into the trends of today. Photo by Kristina Lee Photography

loose structured centerpiece with calla lilies and hawaiian orchids
Even with the more classic white variety of orchids, they can still be arranged in a unique way. Instead of the standard round formation of florals, incorporate orchids in a less-structured centerpiece in order to make a real statement. The arrangement above used Hawaiian orchids, but the species of your choice can be used in a similar fashion. Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis Photography

wedding reception glass table terrarium with driftwood, ferns, lotus pods, and white orchids
Use creativity to find unexpected places to showcase orchids. Take this table-turned-terrarium in photo above, for example. Suddenly a lounge area has an exotic touch, and the orchids are incorporated in a way guests likely haven’t seen before. Keeping your florist updated on all aspects of your décor will give them more of an opportunity to look for special ways to display the blossoms of your choice. Photo by Christopher Bobek, Photographer 

purple orchid on plate of passed appetizers at wedding cocktail hour
One reason orchids are seen as a luxe and opulent choice is because they are typically (depending on the variety) a much more expensive flower. If you have a lower budget – or would just rather divert the money to other aspects of the big day – but orchids are your favorite floral variety, consider using single blooms as accent pieces. Photo by KingenSmith

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier