How to Prepare for Your Honeymoon

Don't forget about your trip while you're busy with wedding planning!

With so much focus on the wedding itself, it can be easy to forget that the honeymoon requires a fair amount of prep time as well. Even if your future spouse is doing the planning or you’ve hired a travel agent, there are still aspects you’ll need to cover yourself. Whether the vacation will occur the day after you say “I do” or you choose to postpone the trip until after the dust has settled, this checklist will help you be prepared for your honeymoon. 

palm trees overlooking ocean in hawaii, how to prep for your honeymoon
Photo by Clane Gessel

- Research restaurants and activities. Depending on your destination, some notable attractions will automatically be on your list of things to do. But you’ll always need somewhere to eat and perhaps want to find lesser-known haunts. Rather than feeling the pressure while you’re already overseas, create a list of possibilities before you go.

- Check the weather before packing. While being prepared for anything is wise, you’ll want the weather forecast to help inform your choice of outfits for the honeymoon. Might as well save room in your luggage if it’s going to be too hot to wear your new boots. 

- Keep up healthy habits. If your honeymoon is right after your wedding, you’ll likely already be on the right track. However, if you’re delaying your trip, make sure to stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep before you depart. After all, you’d hate to be sick during your long-anticipated vacation. 

- Study important phrases. Though many other countries are well versed in English, taking the time to learn a few key words and phrases in the primary language of your destination will likely prove fruitful. 

- Settle up with vendors. The majority of your payments were likely paid before your nuptials, but any final bills should be dealt with before takeoff. If that’s just not possible due to timing, authorize a trusted loved one, such as one of your parents, to handle it. 

- Confirm legal documents. If you’re changing your name, you won’t want to start legally changing identification unless you have time to complete the entire process, as your documents will all need to match. You’ll also need to check if you need a travel visa and make sure your passport is up to date – some countries will not allow entry if the passport expires within six months. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier