How to Take Better Photos on Your Honeymoon

These pictures will help you remember the trip of a lifetime.

Your wedding photos will likely be the best pictures taken of you and your new spouse, but that doesn’t mean your follow-up photo album from your honeymoon can’t be impressive. Whether you’re worried about impressing your social media following or just sharing with your friends and family, people tend to prefer photos with you in them, no matter how beautiful the scenery. After all, if someone simply wanted to look at pictures of a tourist destination, they could just look them up online. What people really want to see is your personal experience. While you may elect to have a professional photo shoot on your honeymoon, you’ll likely still need to take some of your own at different destinations. Read the tips below to help your honeymoon photos turn out great!

trail off the california coast with mountain view, how to take better honeymoon photos
Photo by Marissa Holmes

- More is more. A higher quantity of pictures helps to guarantee a higher quality. Instead of taking one snapshot at each location, take several, and even consider different poses if you have the time. 

- Ask for help. Selfies are fun, but they can’t always properly capture the background. After getting married, you’re going to want more than just solo shots! Asking someone to take your picture will provide variety. Look to staff members or tour guides if you’re worried about theft. 

- Find the right time. As with any photos, early morning and dusk are the best for lighting, so unless you’re indoors try to use those times to take your pictures. As a bonus, the early hour is when your look will be the most fresh – and there will be less people around!

- Get natural shots. Though this will be harder to get the two of you together, it will be nice to have a few candid photos where you’re actually enjoying the activities of your trip.

- Learn the features of your camera. Whether you’re using a smartphone or a DSLR, you’ll want to take full advantage of settings in order to get the best picture possible. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier