Tips on Taking a Cruise for Your Honeymoon

8 helpful hints to take into consideration while booking a honeymoon cruise.

Tips on Taking a Cruise for Your Honeymoon

Photo: Robert Evans Studios

Whether you’re only a day, a week, three months, or even a year into married life, a honeymoon is a wonderful thing to look forward to with your new spouse. However, making a decision on where exactly you’re going to travel can be a tricky one – most couples try to strike a perfect balance between a relaxing getaway and an adventurous, cultural trek. On top of that, both partners may have differing ideas about what location would be most ideal: one wants to soak up the sun on a faraway beach while the other wants to hike through the mountains and take in the scenery. Marriage is all about compromise, and there is a clear way to satisfy both sides: a honeymoon cruise.

Cruises can offer something that traditional trips typically cannot: the chance to see multiple destinations while enjoying the comforts that come with a beautiful resort. Whether you’d like to travel around the French Riviera, explore various ports in Mexico, or even journey far north to the Alaskan wilderness, you can find a cruise that fits your specifications. If you’re looking to book a cruise, we have a few tips to getting the most out of your sea-faring experience.

-   Explore your excursion options. Most cruise lines have a comprehensive website that allows you to book fun activities through the company itself. You can zip line around the jungle, snorkel under the sea, and so much more!

-   Delve into their inclusive packages. Find out if they offer any extra, all-inclusive deals, such as a drink package. They’re worth it!

-   Reserve at least one night at a specialty restaurant. While getting to enjoy the ship’s dining room is an incredible experience – you’ll likely have the same waiter every night, so you become very familiar and friendly with them! – you may want to look into the fine-dining options they provide. They won’t be included in your meal plan, but the scenery and menus will certainly be enough to entice you and bring out your romantic side – this is your honeymoon, after all!

-   Go through the ship-based extra curricular activities and circle your favorite options. Whether you’re intrigued by their entertainment options, such as Broadway-style shows, karaoke nights, and stand-up comedians, or their fitness classes, poolside competitions, and nightclubs, get a general idea of what you’d both like to try before hopping on board.

-   Look up local sites beforehand to narrow down your schedule while on land. Do some research outside of the cruise website for the best recommended bars, beaches, and restaurants – travel blogs are great for narrowing down your many options.

-   Book a spa treatment (or two!). Treat yourselves to a luxurious couple’s massage, a relaxing facial, or a soothing soak in the spa’s hot tub. Most of the time, you can book these experiences from your state room on the ship.

-   Be open to meeting some new friends. Though you’re there to have a wonderful time with your beloved, don’t close yourselves off to new friendships! You’ll be able to check “first friends made as a married couple” off that to-do list.

-   Don’t be afraid to embrace some alone time. Give yourself a little time to relax on your own – after all, it’s an important component to a healthy relationship.

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Opening photo by Robert Evans Studios