Why You Should Consider Honeymooning in the Snow

Think outside of the box for your first vacation as a married couple.

Why You Should Consider Honeymooning in the Snow

Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Spielfogel

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Photo courtesy of Whitney Spielfogel

When people think of honeymoons, they generally conjure up images of white sand beaches, palm trees, and crystal-clear oceans. Perhaps a tour through France, Italy, and the Mediterranean is high on the list as well, but bikinis and sun hats still tend to be on top of the packing list. With summer being the most common season to tie the knot, the instinct to experience the tropics is natural. Even winter nuptials can be outsmarted by traveling to a different hemisphere in order to find sunny weather. However, some couples might prefer to beat the heat and find a colder climate more suitable for the first vacation of their married life.  

Most newlyweds desire a honeymoon that combines relaxation and adventure. The snow offers no shortage of activities, from skiing and snowboarding, to sledding or snowshoeing. While you’d be missing out on ocean and jungle views, there is plenty of beauty to be found in a quaint village covered with freshly fallen snow and white-capped mountains. If you choose somewhere in the Arctic Circle for your destination, you may even be able to see the Northern Lights if you time your trip right. There aren’t many sights in nature that can match that of Aurora Borealis. 

Staying cold can warm your heart, with relaxation time spent cuddling by the fire with a toasty beverage. What could be more romantic than warming up under a blanket while on a horse-drawn carriage through the snowy woods? If you spent your wedding planning process getting in shape, you may want to show off your wedding body and be hesitant about a trip that will have you bundled up. Enjoy the best of both worlds with a resort featuring a heated pool, or find a locale with natural hot springs to enjoy. While you may not return with a honeymoon tan, you will have the benefit of avoiding mosquitos and unpleasant muggy weather caused by the combination of humidity and hot temperatures.

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