An Interior Designer's Advice on Registering for Wedding Gifts

Bravo's Taylor Spellman shares her knowledge on going through the registry process before your nuptials.

When two people get engaged, there will likely be a number of aspects of the wedding-planning process that feel like unfamiliar territory. No matter how many other parties or events you’ve hosted in the past, your nuptials require special care and attention. Perhaps one of the most foreign of concepts you will face is registering for gifts, whether for a shower or the celebration itself.

Taylor Spellman, an expert interior designer and co-host of Bravo's Yours Mine or Ours alongside Shahs of Sunset's Reza Farahan, shares some basic tips for brides and grooms who may be looking for guidance on selecting registry items that fit both of their unique styles. See her advice below!

How to Combine Your Design Styles

-    Not everything needs to be focused on the same taste. Mixing it up and incorporating both of your personal styles creates a unique space designed by you both.

-    Starting with a fresh perspective also helps combine both of your styles. Rather than trying to include every piece that complements your two tastes, start with a blank slate and add in furniture, artwork, etc. that work well together – even if they aren’t a part of the same traditional aesthetic.

-    Find things you share a mutual interest in and build from there. If you’re into shabby-chic items and he likes a more industrial vibe, but you both love color? Start from there. Discovering a common ground will give you a place to start and expand upon, while also saving you time and avoiding the hassle of designing a space that is overly contrasting. 

What Pieces Couples Should Invest in First

-    Rugs. A good area rug can go a long way, and it is totally worth the extra investment. Rugs are timeless pieces that will age well over time, and can make or break any room, so choose wisely.

-    A sofa. A couch that you both love is an absolute necessity. You’ll both be spending your time watching TV, cuddling, and possibly even eating some meals on your couch – it needs to be durable, yet comfortable, and inviting for you both. 

-    Bed/Bedding. This is perhaps the most important investment for a couple, especially if you haven’t been living together, because you typically spend about a third of your life in bed! It should be something that you both look forward to at the end of a long day. Non-Traditional Registry Items That Help Make a Space

-    Artwork. This is the perfect time to invest in real quality pieces that you can pick out with your partner – and that enhance the space you create together.

-    Lamps. No one wants to live in a dark home, so don’t forget to register for lamps and other lighting fixtures that will contribute to the overall aesthetic of a room.

-    Fresh flowers. So this one isn’t exactly something you can fit on a registry, but a gift certificate to a local florist is a great wedding gift as fresh blooms liven up any space and provide stylish décor.

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Photos courtesy of Rich Caplan

Authored by: Megan Simpson