wedding registry ideas from gearys beverly hills only high end luxury memorable pieces champagne cooler

A Real Couple's Luxurious Wedding Registry of Memorable Items

Consider registry advice from a recently married couple who skipped basics and added only high-end pieces.

Be inspired by this couple's wedding registry at Gearys Beverly Hills, which included only high-end pieces that would be memorable to them throughout their lives and marriage.

wedding registry ideas from gearys beverly hills only high end luxury memorable pieces champagne cooler
Photo: Courtesy of Gearys Beverly Hills

As Jonathan Grahm and Jeffrey Postlethwaite prepared for their exquisite affair with 80 of their loved ones in Malibu, California, they were also excited to create their wedding registry where they planned to add primarily high-end pieces. The couple knew they didn’t want to focus on standard household items since they were already established in their home and had the necessities, so they instead opted to prioritize adding memorable pieces to the registry items for their wish list. 

“We wanted everything we registered for to remind us of the most important time in our lives, our wedding and our marriage, not just something we would sort of use all the time,” expresses Jonathan of their strategy. “For example,” shares Jeffrey, “growing up, my parents had a specific cutlery box that they received on their wedding day. When they brought it out, I always knew it was a special occasion so I wanted to make sure Jonathan and I, as a couple, had a beautiful cutlery set of our own on the registry.” 

Jonathan Grahm & Jeffrey Postlethwaite Wedding Registry
Photo by Lulan Wang

The affianced pair truly looked forward to the registry process and immediately knew which retailer they would visit for the one-of-a-kind pieces they desired. “Growing up in Beverly Hills, Gearys has always been the go-to place to purchase the best of the best in tableware, dinnerware, vases, etcetera, so it was a no-brainer for us to register there,” Jonathan affirms. “Gearys offers such unique specialty items as well as pieces that really feel like they should be for your wedding – tabletop items to treasure and collect as opposed to something more traditional or run-of-the-mill that you can get just about anywhere,” he describes.

“Growing up in Beverly Hills, Gearys has always been the go-to place to purchase the best of the best in tableware, dinnerware, vases, etcetera, so it was a no-brainer for us to register there.”

After learning the concepts in which Jonathan and Jeffrey were most interested, Kelli – the Gearys sales associate working with the couple – pointed out stunning tabletop displays to help hone in on what the grooms’ specific style preferences were. “Being that I own Compartés Chocolates, I am big on design so it was really fun for me to work with Gearys and pick out all sorts of cool and interesting objects like vases and candleholders,” shares Jonathan of the enjoyable time he experienced while in-store. 

“We perused hundreds of items focusing on the idea of art and uniqueness since those qualities are so important to us as a couple and it’s such a big part of our aesthetic and the décor of our home,” emphasizes Jonathan. The couple chose a masculine Hermès Carnets d’Equateur collection change tray, fun L’Objet “Deco” game sets, a Baccarat “Eye” clear rectangular vase, eye- catching Versace Medusa accent items, and gorgeous Versace Butterfly Garden collection pieces.

“Kelli really took her time to show us and explain all the various details of different pieces and brands they carry,” tell Jeffrey. “We also used the online platform after the in-store visit to add and subtract as needed.” Jonathan and Jeffrey were thoughtful in their decision to add Ginori 1735 Labrinto Emerald collection dinnerware pieces because it was difficult to settle on just one style, but they easily opted for beautiful Baccarat goblets and tumblers. 

“Pick pieces with meaning and substance that you will really treasure,” emphasizes Jonathan. “We didn’t register at any generic retailers because we felt like buying a refrigerator or a coffee machine from a big-box store was something we could do ourselves and the item wouldn’t make us think of our wedding. That’s why we registered exclusively at Gearys and were really thoughtful about our selection of items, from picture frames to wine coolers to our Kiddush cup, Champagne flutes, and more.”

Jonathan and Jeffrey confide that they felt surprised by the number of presents received and honored by how people expressed their love in the notes that came attached to gifts. “It was so fun for us and almost more exciting to see what people said in their cards than the gifts themselves,” reveals Jonathan. “Honestly, it was how much love, thought, and kindness went into all of our guests’ choices and knowing they went out of their way to show us they care and wanted to be a part of this special moment in our lives... that was the best part.”

Wedding Registry Tips from Jonathan & Jeffrey

Make It Special 

“Register for pieces that will remind you of your wedding – not things that you’ll take for granted.”

Get Excited 

“Guests will bring gifts to the wedding and they will be from a variety of retailers, so simply enjoy people showing their love and thoughtfulness.”

Stand the Test of Time 

“Be sure to pick classic items since you will have them around for so many years to come and maybe even pass them down to your kids one day.”

This story was originally published as a Wish List feature in the Fall 2022 issue of Inside Weddings magazine. To order a copy of the Fall 2022 issue, visit our library of Inside Weddings back issues available for purchase.