Wedding Registry Tips & Advice from a Real Couple

Learn more about this couple's registry at Gearys and Williams-Sonoma.

Having recently purchased their first home together, Chelsea (née Montgomery-Duban) and Dominic Wächter wanted to furnish their residence with an array of brand-new items.


Having recently purchased their first home together, Chelsea (née Montgomery-Duban) and Dominic Wächter wanted to furnish their residence with an array of brand-new items. For their wedding wish list, they were seeking to add mainly kitchen products and dinnerware since many of their current pieces were from college days. “Being that we both love to cook, we wanted to be able to have a robust set of utensils and pots and pans, as well as the necessary tools to be able to throw large dinner parties,” Chelsea shares. The two were equally excited to begin the registry process. “Domi and I work together and have lived together since the third month of our relationship, so it’s not a surprise that we make these decisions together as well,” explains the bride.

wedding registry tips from recently married couple newlyweds Chelsea Montgomery-Duban and Dominic Wächter

Photo by Mikel Healey

They settled on established retailers: Gearys and Williams-Sonoma. “We only looked at those two shops and really liked them,” says the groom. “We wanted to have a mix of casual and fancy fine china, and Gearys has great options. We also needed a lot of kitchen and bar items, so Williams-Sonoma was perfect.” Chelsea appreciated that Williams-Sonoma had a little bit of everything. “Small silly gadgets, like citrus sprayers, and large appliances, such as pressure cookers – so you get a wide variety without having to register at too many places,” she explains. “Gearys offers an incredible selection of china, glassware, barware, and silverware from luxury brands to much more reasonably priced items, so there would be something for everyone to buy. We didn’t want to limit our guests based on how much they could afford.”

Their choices from Gearys included a multitude of china pieces from the “Chinoise Blue” collection by Mottahedeh, Juliska’s Berry & Thread stoneware collection, a lavish “Callista” decanter designed by William Yeoward Crystal, and a centerpiece bowl in an antique gold finish by Michael Aram. At Williams-Sonoma, Chelsea and Dominic selected cutlery and electrics and covered their baking needs with cookies sheets, pans, and a six-piece set of essentials. They rounded out their list with barware gadgets, tools, and a silicone ice sphere set.

wedding registry product ideas juliska le panier collection dinnerware from gearys

Le Panier collection dinnerware pieces, $30-72/piece by Juliska; available at Gearys

wedding registry product ideas callista decanter by william yeoward crystal from gearys

"Callista" decanter, $695 by William Yeoward Crystal; available at Gearys

wedding registry product ideas michael aram gold palm shallow centerpiece bowl gearys

"Palm" centerpiece bow, $210 by Michael Aramavailable at Gearys

wedding registry product ideas juliska iberian journey wanderlust tea cup gearys

"Iberian Journey" Wanderlust collection coffee/tea cup, $28 by Juliska; available at Gearys

One aspect that the couple did not enjoy during the registry process were the checklists of sales associates dictating what they needed to add to their lineup. “I wish someone had told me to go with my gut more,” she affirms, remembering all of the unsolicited outside opinons they received. “If I like nonstick pans more, even if they’re less professional, I should be able to have nonstick pans. Sometimes you really do know what you want and like.”

Chelsea was thrilled to learn about Gearys’ store policy, which is convenient for all engaged couples: “Everything that is purchased for you, they hold until after the wedding. That way, it’s treated like a big gift card and if you change your mind about what you want, they can move the money around.” Fortunately, the newlyweds adored each gift they received and did not return or exchange anything at either retailer.  

wedding registry product ideas juliska berry and thread mixing bowl set from gearys

"Berry & Thread" mixing bowl set, $165 by Juliska; available at Gearys

wedding registry product ideas muddler from williams sonoma

Muddler, $30; available at Williams-Sonoma

Chelsea and Dominic were happy with their choices, and were able to complete their entire wish list. “I think two registries was perfect for us. Any more and it would’ve been too overwhelming. Any less, and I don’t think there would’ve been enough variety,” Chelsea describes. She also expresses the importance of selecting items you and your soon-to-be spouse love – without worrying what others will think. “Register for what you want. You’re the one that has to live with the items that people buy for you. Find things that make you happy, even silly things like those citrus sprayers that you screw into lemons. One of your friends that thinks they’re as silly as you do will buy them for you!”

wedding registry product ideas mille nuits flutes baccarat from gearys

"Mille Nuits" flutes, $520 (set of 2) by Baccarat; available at Gearys

wedding registry product ideas silicone ice sphere molds williams sonoma

Silicone ice sphere molds, $13 (set of 2); available at Williams-Sonoma

wedding registry product ideas bay stripe apron williams sonoma

Bay stripe apron, $30; available at Williams-Sonoma

Registry Tips from Chelsea & Dominic:

Find a range. “Select items with various price points, so everyone feels accommodated.”

Select superb stores. “Register at stores where you really like what they have.”

Avoid older collections. “Don’t select something that is going to be discontinued soon. You want something you’re able to replace when it breaks.”

Have clear ideas. “Register for what you really want, not what you’re told to register for.”

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