Wedding Registry Trends for 2021 and Beyond + Expert Tips!

Thomas J. Blumenthal, CEO of GEARYS Beverly Hills, shares his advice with couples registering for their weddings.

Gather expert advice on popular wedding registry essentials in the trend forecast for 2021 and read tips on the safest and easiest ways to create your dream registry during the pandemic.

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It's been a year since COVID changed everyone's world, including brides and grooms planning their weddings. While the pandemic certainly shifted the wedding industry and how events will be planned and orchestrated in the near future, it also greatly affected the way couples are registering for their weddings. Whether you're recently engaged and setting your wedding date for the first time or you're preparing for a postponed wedding, you'll likely be planning a wedding registry. 

While these have been tough times for many, your friends and family will still likely want to present you with a gift to celebrate your union, which is why it's important to put together a wedding registry filled with items in a variety of price points to ensure everyone feels comfortable while gifting you and your future spouse with something you'll love and cherish for years to come.  

Even if you don't feel comfortable browsing registry items in-store, there are a variety of online options that will help you organize your wedding registry and wish list from the comfort of your own home. Luxury retailer GEARYS Beverly Hills has long been helping couples prepare their wedding registries, and now they're offering virtual Facetime consultations with store associates to give pairs across the nation the chance to get a high-end shopping experience in a safe way. For those nearby, virtual consultations are followed by in-person visits if couples so choose, or the entire registry can be planned online. 

For more details on this new virtual wedding-registry experience, as well as the wedding registry trends for 2021 and beyond, we spoke with Thomas J. Blumenthal, CEO of GEARYS Beverly Hills, to get his expert insight as Gearys has been a leader in luxury gift registries since 1994. Read on to discover ideas for your wedding wish list, as well as what to expect when registering for your wedding during a pandemic!

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What can couples expect from a FaceTime consultation? Are these virtual visits also open to couples outside of California?

GEARYS is known for providing personalized experiences tailored to each of its clients. Since the pandemic, the store has been focused on offering virtual appointments to ensure customers are attended to with the same care and attention to detail they would receive in-person. 

Our registry experts curate personalized tours and showcase certain products based on the registrant's wants and needs. Our experts can walk couples through the wedding registry process and are prepared to describe every piece in detail, from the creation to the manufacturing process. 

Our virtual appointments are available for couples worldwide. New clients may call or email through our website and will be connected with an associate who can best accommodate their requests and answer any questions they may have.

When do you suggest couples start adding items to their wedding registry? 

The registry process is different for every couple and depends on timing and the use of the registry for multiple events. In general, we suggest couples start adding to their registry as early as possible and sharing the list with guests immediately. It is also recommended to add different gift price points for each occasion to make it easier for guests.

What trends are you seeing for pairs registering in 2020/2021? 

Couples are opting for more avant-garde and colorful wedding registry options for their gift registries. As couples are spending more time at home, they are selecting unique gifts that can be cherished and appreciated for years to come. 

Another trend we have noticed is couples choosing to redeem their wedding gifts more immediately after the wedding. Couples are finalizing their registries quickly after their ceremonies to break away from the monotony at home and embrace the new chapter in their lives.

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Are you seeing more or less registry purchases now that many couples have been forced to postpone their larger celebrations or have smaller weddings with limited guest counts? 

Although many couples have had to postpone their special occasions, GEARYS clients are still gifting regardless of postponement. People experiencing hardship will appreciate the thoughtful gesture no matter what. Discover gift ideas for couples who had to postpone their weddings to bring a smile to their faces around their original wedding date.

Have you noticed a change in the types of products couples are registering for lately? 

We have seen an increase in barware sales. As people seek to create their own bar experience at home, barware items have become increasingly popular. Our luxury barware accessories, including stemware, tumblers, decanters, and carafes, have been selling quickly. People are no longer saving their luxury barware for special occasions and are opting for a more casual drinking experience. 

Based on our clients' registries over the past few months, we are seeing a preference for more casual dinnerware for everyday entertaining. People are now acutely aware of the importance and value of in-person gatherings. As a result, couples are now gravitating toward lavish everyday dining pieces. From dinner and serveware to candelabras, votives, and antique decorative accents, each item makes every occasion feel special and inspires lasting memories with the people they love.

What wedding registry trends and predictions do you expect to see in 2021 and beyond? 

A trend that will remain well beyond 2021 is couples registering for items such as barware and bar carts, dinnerware, and avant-garde accessories. Over the last year, people have had to miss out on weekend dinner parties and large gatherings. Because of this, they are now choosing to indulge with more expensive home pieces for everyday use to make every single moment memorable.

To browse luxury wedding registry items, be sure to visit the Gearys website and start your registry! For more wedding registry inspiration, discover 15 popular products to add to your registry, get registry ideas for hosting during the holidays and Thanksgiving dinner, and find out what off-registry gifts couples will love!

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