What to Register for When You Already Live Together

Can't think of what to add to your wish list? Think again.

If you and your spouse-to-be already live together, you may be wondering what to register for if you already have everything you need. You're not alone – look to this advice and these registry ideas for tips!

Photo: Jana Williams Photography

wedding registry tips if you already live together

Traditionally, wedding registries are used to help a young couple start their lives together. However, nowadays with people marrying later in life and often cohabitating for years before marriage, many lovebirds are unsure what to register for, when they already have dishes and linens. This is further influenced by a decrease in formal occasions – some people rarely have the need to use fine china – making many traditional registry options seem obsolete to some. Yet even the couple that has everything will have loved ones who want to celebrate the occasion with gifts, so a modern registry is still an important part of the process. When you are already living together, you might not be sure where to start.

Read below for tips:

- Upgrade your current household items. Perhaps you’ve been making do with hand-me-downs and dishware from your first college apartment. Now is the time to get quality items and create a cohesive aesthetic in your home.
- Expand your range. Typically registries focus on the kitchen and bathroom, with the exception of bedroom linens. Think beyond that and spruce up your living room with lamps, coasters, throw pillows, picture frames, and more.
- Become an entertainer. You might find that you wish you had fine china when you volunteer to host Thanksgiving for your in-laws. Serving trays and decanters might prove useful when entertaining as well.
- Indulge in your hobbies. If your home is put together exactly how you like it, but you’ve been putting off a camping trip because you don’t have a tent, consider registering for some outdoor goods. Similarly, barbecue sets, gardening supplies, and toolboxes can be nice options. A good rule of thumb is that it should be something you each will use or benefit from.
- Pay it forward. If you truly have everything you need, then set up a registry for a charitable organization that means a lot to you and your future spouse.

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Opening photo by Jana Williams Photography