Your Guide to Registering for Your Wedding

What you and your sweetheart need to do in order to put together a great wish list.

wedding registry guide tips and tricks

Putting together a wedding registry is one of the aspects of planning your nuptials that at first glance seems overwhelming and even less fun, as it is not an aspect of the party you are planning.

However, the gifts you receive from your loved ones will help you and your future spouse create a home as you build your lives together, which is part of the whole reason you’re getting married in the first place! Still, selecting pieces that will last decades to come can be daunting, even if you already live with your beloved.

Before you set off to the nearest department store – or even browse online from the comfort of your couch – take a moment to read through our guide to help get you started. Only you and your sweetheart know what you want, but this may help steer you in the right direction. 

- If you've been living together, use this as an opportunity to upgrade your basics, not just to discover new specialty items to register for.
- Take the time to look over what you already own and make a list of what you want to replace and what you still need – before you go to a store.
- Don't register for more stuff than you have room for!
- Register for more items than guests you are inviting. People need options and the registry has the benefit of covering your bridal shower as well.
- Be careful of sticking too closely to traditional items. If you don't cook or bake, the standing mixer is probably unnecessary. The same goes for the fancy crystal whiskey decanter if you and your sweetheart aren't big drinkers or entertainers.
- Even if you don't think you need formal china or serving platters, remember that someday you may be hosting for holidays.
- Both of you should be at the store to register, and only the two of you. This is about your home together.
- You and your future spouse will likely have to compromise on style. If your opinions vastly differ, it's probably best to just stick with neutrals.
- Make a day of it. You don't want to feel rushed, and you can turn a registry-focused day into a date night afterwards.
- Be sure to check up on your wedding registry frequently, as you never know when items may go out of stock or become discontinued.

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Opening photo by Laurie Bailey Photography; Consulting by Ilana Ashley Events

Authored by: Emily Lasnier