Lomax Wedding Films

With a positive energy and talent for capturing natural, intimate moments, Casey Lomax and his team turn wedding-day memories into luxurious moving images. They document the special moments to create a story-driven film to be enjoyed for years to come.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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Capturing the Story of Your Love Creating a cinematic film of your special day is my honor! We love documenting all the special moments for you and loved ones relive for years to come. You are unique and the love shared between you and your significant other is beyond measure. So we do everything we can to create a wedding film specifically for you. We always try to infuse a positive energy into every room we enter and will always love working alongside your other vendors. Low-Key Approach We'd rather go unnoticed throughout your wedding day, capturing those intimate emotions that naturally happen at any given second. This is your special day and we don't want any attention going our way by bringing big unnecessary equipment. In our experience worrying about staging things or setting up equipment just kills the authenticity of the moment and all those raw emotions that go along with it. We create films based on documenting the day naturally and then creating a story driven film for you and loved ones to enjoy for the years to come. To learn more about Casey Lomax of Lomax Wedding Films, visit his website!