Tica Rose Events

Tica Rose Events has been planning, designing, and executing weddings and events since 2014. They are committed to providing excellent service with an established and talented network based in, but not limited to Hollywood, Florida.

Hollywood, Florida, United States
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Erica Duroseau is the founder of Tica Rose Events; a South Florida native whose passion for styling and design was ignited at a very young age. What started as a young girl who often redesigned her bedroom progressively transformed into an exquisite art. In Erica’s hands dinner parties transform from cliché to classy, weddings become an intimate night of dining, dancing and laughter for every couple invited and something as simple as a small birthday dinner blossoms into an unforgettable experience for the guest of honor. Tica Rose Events offers you consultation on the theme and design for the event along with the details you will need to hold an amazing event on a realistic budget, venue options and suggested partners who will perform without exception.