10 Beauty Tricks to Implement Immediately After You Say "Yes!"

From drinking enough water to avoiding certain foods, discover these helpful bridal tips.

10 Beauty Tricks to Implement Immediately After You Say "Yes!"

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Looking and feeling your best should always be one of your main beauty goals, but feeling good from the inside out is even more important when you're preparing for your wedding day. While facials and skincare treatments can help the appearance of your skin, there are some simple ways to get a radiant glow without stepping into the salon. From eating healthy, to getting enough sleep, to drinking water, brides-to-be can work on getting the bridal beauty look they deserve by making a few tweaks to everyday habits. Not only will you look more ravishing, you'll feel more beautiful, too. 

Life coach and beauty expert Susan Ciminelli, who has provided skincare treatments and healthy lifestyle coaching to celebrity clients including Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, and Eva Longoria, recommends the following tips to ensure you glow from the inside out on your big day:

1. Time to avoid sugar, dairy, and wheat. You will be amazed at how quickly the weight falls off of you and your skin brightens up. 

2. Two forms of exercise are important for you right now: a spin class will help sweat out toxins, which in turn will help promote clear skin, and yoga will help keep wedding jitters at bay and promote overall health and well-being. An added bonus: yoga tones the body – think long and lean!

3. Drinking water periodically throughout the day helps rid your body of toxins. It will also help to minimize your pores and get rid of under-eye darkness. 

4. Insist on getting eight hours of sleep a night! The earlier you go to bed, the easier it is to really rest well during sleep. It is the hours before midnight that make a positive impact, not after. An early to bed and early to rise mentality should be adopted. 

5. Chew your food very slowly to allow for maximum absorbtion of your nutrients, which will also promote proper elimination. 

6. Wash your face twice daily with warm water and rinse with cool water using a very gentle – but thorough – cleanser to keep skin clear.

7. Help prevent breakouts by always drying your face with a clean towel to avoid contamination.

8. Change your pillow case every couple of nights to avoid contamination as well. We sweat a lot during the night, and bacteria is harbored in the pillow case.

9. Go to an expert to shape your eyebrows – don't try this at home. The difference is huge. The eyes are the mirror to your soul, and the eyebrow helps define the look of the eyes.

10. Find a good makeup artist and do a test run before the big day. It is very important to look enhanced and well made-up without too much makeup. You want to look at your wedding pictures with pride many years after your big day.

"Planning a wedding is a joyous time, but it can also be a stressful one," shares Susan. "Enlist a calm mentality from the get-go during the wedding-planning process; you'll make better decisions as a result, and your mental and physical well-being will thank you for it!"

Susan Ciminelli is a holistic health guru that offers lifestyle coaching and treatments including massage, reflexology, dietary advice, and skincare. She has a skincare and mineral makeup line, two flagship locations in New York and Los Angeles, and is the author of The Ciminelli Solution: A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin. For more information, visit

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