5 Healthy Habits for Engaged Couples

It's always helpful to have a partner on your side!

While they obviously agreed to marry each other the way they already are, it’s not uncommon for couples to decide they want to look their best for their wedding day. Whether you’re starting a major weight loss journey or simply want to practice clean living in order to feel great, having a partner to join you in a lifestyle change can be critical to its success. Working together to get fit and healthier can even bring the two of your closer together while you’re preparing for the big day. And while you might crave your favorite junk foods after a tough day, exercise can help relieve the stress that comes with wedding planning. Of course, if one partner gets too overzealous and another prefers to take it easy, that can cause some tension. Read the below tips on how engaged couples can get in shape together. 

groom in white tuxedo jacket and bride in strapless detailed gown, in shape couples
Photo by Elizabeth Fogarty; Bridal Salon: Carine's Bridal Atelier

- Cook together. Instead of date nights at a restaurant, spend some quality time together in the kitchen. More control over portions and ingredients will lead to healthier meals, and as an added bonus, the money you save from not eating out as much can go towards the wedding!  

- Personalize your goals. Different bodies have different needs and it’s important to recognize that. If one person is trying to build muscle while the other wants to lose fat, you can adjust the proportions of each dish in the meals you make together.

- Get outside. On weekends you can go on hikes together, or even a simple walk around the neighborhood. 

- Share your cheat days. It’s impossible to not have moments of indulgence, and it’s best to do that at the same time so no one is jealous of the other’s dessert. Plus, if you split something, you both get to enjoy a treat without eating as much of it.

- Embrace healthy competition. Though your goals may be different, you can set challenges for yourself and reward each other for meeting those goals. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier