7 Steps to Finding Your Wedding Day Beautician

Discover tips on how to select the perfect beauty person for you.

For many brides, hair and makeup are two of the most important decisions to make. Find out how to choose your hair stylist and makeup artist!

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If you’ve already purchased the bridal gown and are now envisioning the rest of your ensemble, you’ll also want to begin thinking of how you want you hair and makeup styled. Do you prefer a specific, structured updo? Do you feel most comfortable with your hair down, loose and natural? Would you feel more beautiful with a striking red lip or something more glossy and nude? Sure, these sound like decisions you can make later in the process, but really, they are elements you’ll want to research and try out months prior to the wedding.

For many brides, hair and makeup are two of the most important decisions to make. You are likely going to have hundreds of images and videos to reflect on for years to come, so you’ll want to look your best. Some brides prefer to do their own wedding hair and makeup on the morning of the big day, while many others would rather hire a professional for the job. If you have never hired a hairstylist or makeup artist and are unsure of where to find the right beauty experts, follow these steps to help ease the process and ensure that the person you choose will make your dream wedding look come true.

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1. Do your research. Ask your friends and relatives if they can recommend some of their favorites. Take a walk through your local downtown area, near shops, restaurants, and hotels, and pop in a few storefronts; you’ll get to meet people in person, possibly view their portfolios, and get an overall vibe of the salon and/or beautician or team.

There are also a number of glam apps that offer beauty resources, where professionals come to you and perform services in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. Additonally, social media has become a haven for experienced and up-and-coming artists/stylists. The upside is that these platforms allow them to publicize their work, while you are able to view their most current looks. The pitfall will be that you’ll have to be sure that what you see is what you get – with so many filters and Photoshop readily available, be smart before settling.

2. Consider the theme of your wedding. If you envision yourself with finger waves in your hair, you won’t be satisfied with someone who can only create a basic updo and has no experience in setting the necessary pin curls to achieve the vintage look. Perhaps you want edgy eyeshadow to complement your whimsical, dark, evening event – you’ll have to make sure the artist can execute that type of makeup application. Provide them with photos of what you are seeking, as well as examples of what is off limits.

3. Look at reviews or comments online. Just because the beautician creates flawless looks does not mean they have a good reputation, attitude, or work ethic. You don’t want to spend hours on the morning of your special day with someone who is unpleasant or unprofessional. You may even want to request references and speak candidly with other real brides who used the respective artist/stylist. Do your best to find someone with satisfied customers or high ratings in hopes that you too will have a wonderful experience.

4. See if the beautician does both hair and makeup. Some stylists specialize in both hair and makeup; however, they may have more of a background in one area than the other and you’ll want to ask questions to be aware. Though it may be less expensive to hire one person for both beauty needs, you also want to consider any time contraints since he/she can obviously only perform one task at a time.

5. Ask the price point of each service. Cost is one of the biggest factors for many brides when it comes to hair and makeup services. If you have a specific spending limit, you must discuss your budget with each beautician who you are considering for the day. Each professional charges differently, depending on factors like travel time, length of appointment, how many people they’ll have to work on (such as bridal-party members), and how much equipment and products they’ll need to take and use. Make sure you are comfortable with their pricing before leaving a deposit or signing any contracts.

6. Schedule a trial. In order to assure that the beautician you hire is able to achieve your desired bridal look, we very highly encourage a hair and makeup trial – maybe even multiples trials. This is even more important if you plan on wearing a headpiece or veil; let your hairstylist know that you plan to wear one and take it to the trial if you are able. Many brides feel much more confident after seeing the finished product before the big day arrives, plus both beautician and bride will be able to discuss any changes desired. This is also a great way to narrow your options if you are having trouble making a final decision between favorite artists/stylists.

7. Be specific on the details of your look. Your hair and makeup stylists want you to be happy with their work, so tell them exactly what you do and do not want. Remind yourself that their job is to make you look and feel even more beautiful, so be honest with them in sharing your feelings when completing the final look.

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