Discover 60 Years of Bridal Hair in Two Minutes

See how wedding hair trends have changed in the last six decades.

Discover 60 Years of Bridal Hair in Two Minutes

Photo: Katelyn James Photography

Anyone who's looked at their mom and grandma's wedding photos knows that bridal hairstyles have changed quite a bit in the last 60 years – sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse (1980s, we're looking at you!).

BuzzFeed takes viewers on a trip through wedding hair history with their video "Wedding Hairstyles: Through the Ages." Watch as a model demonstrates the most popular hairstyles of the last six decades, from the beehive bun of the 1960s to the loose waves and flower crown of the 2010s. There are some surprising gems, like the Farrah Fawcett waves of the 1970s, but some predictably cringe-worthy styles. Brides of the 1990s, what were you thinking with that elaborate high bun and face-framing strands?

See bridal hairstyles change before your eyes in the video above! For inspiration for your own wedding hair, check out our guide to pretty updos and how to wear flowers in your hair. And discover the best ways to prepare your hair for the big day.