How Should You Do Your Nails for Your Wedding?

There are several different methods to get the perfect manicure.

For those who tend to DIY their own manicures or leave their nails bare, this breakdown of the different methods can help you decide how you want your nails done for your wedding.

Hair & Nails
Photo: Thisbe Grace Photography

When it comes to bridal beauty, a lot of the focus is understandably on hair and makeup; however, your nails are an important part of your overall look as well. After all, people are going to want to look at your rings, and photos of your bouquet are bound to include your hands. If you regularly hit up the nail salon every month, you likely already know the type of manicure you’ll have for your big day. For those who tend to DIY their own manicures or leave their nails bare, this breakdown of the different methods can help you decide how you want your nails done for your wedding. 

close-up of bride's hands with natural looking french manicure
Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography

- Acrylics. A great choice if you want long, dramatic nails for the big day, though natural styles are an option with this method as well. Acrylic nails are long lasting and durable, but they can be damaging upon removal. However, if you plan to stick with acrylics for a long time (or already do your nails this way before the wedding) you can easily have them filled. 

- Gels. Actual gel nails (as opposed to gel polish) are similar to acrylics, but have a more natural appearance. Both gel nails and gel polish require being cured under a UV light, which is a downside for many, but they are long-lasting enough that you can get your manicure done the week of the wedding and not worry about chipping. 

- Dip powder. This tends to last as long as gels or acrylics without the need for UV lamps or chemicals, and removal is simple without damaging your nail. Yet, some may not like how thick it feels, and there are concerns about how hygienic the use of dip powder is at a salon. 

- Press-ons. While they have a reputation of being for children or young teens, press-on nails may actually be a good option for your wedding. There are both high end and affordable options, but the main benefit is how much time they’ll save. The temporary nature will be a pro or a con depending on your preference. If you want picture-perfect nails through your honeymoon, they’re not a great option. But if you don’t typically like to have long nails and just wanted something special for your wedding day, you can easily remove them before heading to the airport.  

- Traditional polish. This is perfect for a low-maintenance bride who still wants to feel “done up” on the big day. It’s also one of the more affordable options, whether you go to a professional or simply use your own nail polish at home. The downside is that regular manicures have a tendency to chip much more easily, so you’ll have to get your nails done the evening before the celebration – if not in the morning while getting ready! 

For more tips, find out what polish colors can help show off your engagement ring and discover the right nude shade for your nails.

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