“Three years ago, Seth and I would never have met,” notes Rebecca Herbst. Though they both worked in Manhattan, Rebecca lived on the Upper West Side while Seth lived in Brooklyn – worlds apart. But with the advent of dating apps and a couple of right swipes, the couple fell into each other’s path. Despite a shortened first date due to Rebecca’s undisclosed strep throat and continued cancellations due to further illness, Seth was not deterred. “Everything changed when I had my tonsils removed and he went out of his way to take care of me, showing me he was a guy worth giving a chance,” Rebecca divulges.

After carefully confirming the best time of year for his beloved to leave work for a week, Seth proposed to Rebecca with not just a beautiful ring, but also two tickets for a weeklong vacation in Portugal. The engagement would be a scant four months, as the happy couple was also planning a move across the country to the bride’s hometown of Los Angeles, where the groom had just secured an excellent job. With such a hectic timetable, it would be easy to understand if Rebecca had become overwhelmed with the process. However, her experience as a bridesmaid helped her keep things in perspective. “I had witnessed the various meltdowns brides had over details that simply went unnoticed by others. While easier said than done, I decided that some details were not worth fighting and stressing over,” she explains. “The goal of the wedding was to make sure everyone in attendance had a wonderful time and that is what I kept in mind throughout the planning.” Though the quick engagement meant that many decisions were based on availability and timing, Rebecca and Seth were still able to book superb vendors. “[Laurie Bailey Photography] came highly recommended and her work captured breathtakingly beautiful and intimate moments,” Rebecca shares.

The rustic elegance that Rebecca fell in love with on Instagram was perfectly utilized in the stunning chuppah, which had a forest-like look with verdant greenery and a plethora of violet and blush blossoms. It made for a gorgeous setting for the bride and groom’s modern orthodox ceremony. As the bride circled the groom seven times per tradition, all eyes were on the joyous couple – as well as Rebecca’s charming mermaid gown with floral appliqués.

“Unfortunately, the moment the ceremony ended, I was in pain,” reveals the bride. “I suffer from very bad migraines.” Though the plan was for the newlyweds to take photos under their chuppah, to mingle during cocktail hour, and to have low lighting for the reception space, different arrangements had to be made. Resting during the cocktail hour was a necessity, and lights temporarily filled the reception, as the photographers could not use flash due to Rebecca’s migraine. This could have derailed the evening for some people, but as with planning, the bride was able to use perspective and make the best of it. “Not a single guest had any idea this was occurring and to them, they were having a fantastic time so I focused on doing the same. Stuff happens and you just need to focus on the bigger picture – you are married,” concludes the bride.