How to Get the Prettiest Bridal Manicure (and Make It Last)

Follow these tips and tricks for beautiful nails that will survive your honeymoon!

How to Get the Prettiest Bridal Manicure (and Make It Last)

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On your wedding day, you'll be slipping on a beautiful new piece of jewelry, so make sure your nails are looking their best! You'll want a classic manicure that enhances the beauty of your hands and rings – that's also strong enough to outlast the celebration as well as your honeymoon. Samira Far, founder of Bellacures nail salon, reveals her secrets for elegant, durable bridal manicures, and tells Inside Weddings readers the latest trending colors and styles. Here's how to "nail" your manicure!

For traditional brides, a pale pink or nude color is best. 
It’s a classy and modest look, but stands out because it’s so clean and polished. For the bolder brides, I like a nice red or pink, but lighter colors and traditional French manicures are definitely the most popular.

Glitter is becoming a popular trend. 
It may sound bold, but adding either a gold or silver glitter tip or glitter half moon with either a nude or beige-colored nail can be a subtle way to bring something fun to the traditional wedding look. We’ve also been seeing brides dress up the traditional French manicure by adding glitter over the white tip, or a thin line of glitter above the white tip.

Get your manicure the day before the wedding.
That will give it enough time to dry completely but isn't too much time to have to worry about chipping. If you need to get the manicure earlier, I recommend reapplying a layer of top coat the day before or morning of to refresh your mani and make it shiny and feel new again.

If you are getting a gel manicure, you are probably safe getting the manicure a few days before as gels are generally guaranteed for up to two weeks, as long as you refrain from picking at them. You could also get it the morning of because the gels require no additional drying time, so you don't have to worry about messing it up.

Gel manicures last much longer than traditional manicures, are much less likely to chip, and they keep their shine longer.
For brides who are concerned about chipping or want their manicure to last though the honeymoon, I would definitely recommend the gels. The downside is that they are more expensive than your traditional manicure, and if you pick them, they can cause some damage to your nail bed.

A square with rounded edges or round shape is tasteful.
I would avoid pointy nail shapes as they just aren’t practical. They usually require acrylics, which can damage your natural nails, and longer nails are also more likely to snag fabrics or break, which may be an annoyance on your wedding day.

After indulging in such a beautiful manicure, the last thing you want is to watch the polish chip and fade while you're on your honeymoon. Follow these tips to extend the life of your manicure and keep polish looking fresh!

Apply cuticle or nail oil.
Though you should be using an oil such as coconut oil regularly in order to keep cuticles hydrated, throw a small bottle in your purse and dab it on before a hot date or important meeting to make your nails look fresh and amp up the shine factor on the go.

Reapply a layer of top coat every two to three days after your manicure.
This will refresh shine, protect your polish, and make your mani feel new again. 

If your nails chip, file the edges down and apply another layer of top coat to seal the free edge.
This will protect your nails from water damage that will cause more chipping.

Add fun nail art if the chip is unfixable.  
Polka dots or stripes are a fun way to cover up chips, or a glitter accent nail will hide the missing polish.

Tote mini tools like a small pair of cuticle scissors in your purse.
Get rid of pesky hangnails that make your mani look drab.

Disguise grow out by adding a half moon at the bottom of your nail with a nail-polish pen in a complimentary color.
This popular trend doesn’t only look good on fresh nails, but it is the chicest way to hide the annoying blank space that inevitably comes with time. 

Save your gels by avoiding the temptation to pick at corners and peel them off.
Instead, if there is a chip, use a buffer to make it even with the rest of your nail so it doesn’t continue to lift.

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