Captivating Ways to Incorporate Candles

Be inspired by these unique examples of candles as wedding décor.

Captivating Ways to Incorporate Candles

Photo: KingenSmith

Candles and weddings go together like love and laughter. Of course, lighting a unity candle is a traditional part of the wedding ceremony itself. But as the photographs below will illustrate, candles can be used to enhance the décor for any stage of the day's events. They can illuminate the aisle as the bride walks towards her groom, radiate a soft glow as the centerpiece of a reception table, or simply line a path to show guests the way to their next event of the evening. Whether tall or short, narrow or wide, free-standing or encased in glass, candles can dramatically alter the ambiance of a room. Use crystals, metallics, and strategically placed mirrors to reflect and enhance candle light for dramatic effect. Or keep it simple with little, elegant tea lights. Either way, candles are sure to brighten up your wedding-day décor.

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