How to Get Whiter Teeth for Your Wedding Day

Read tips from a cosmetic dentist.

How to Get Whiter Teeth for Your Wedding Day

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Aside from the actual ceremony, one of the biggest concerns for brides and grooms is often making sure they look their best on their wedding day. Finding the ideal attire and getting professional hair, makeup, and other grooming services are among the ways to ensure this. However, it’s important not to forget about one’s smile. To make it perfect for your pictures, you may want to consider getting your teeth whitened prior to the ceremony. Just because your gown is a darker ivory doesn’t mean your teeth need to match!
how to get a whiter smile before your wedding, whiter teeth for your wedding

Photo by Vue Photography

We talked to cosmetic dentist Dr. Timothy Chase of Smiles NY to get tips on how to have and maintain a whiter and healthier smile. 

Inside Weddings: How do you prevent stains?

Dr. Chase: The best way to prevent staining your teeth is to avoid foods and beverages that you think would stain a tablecloth: coffee, tea, red wine, and soft drinks are the biggest problems. 

IW:  What is the best way to whiten teeth?

DC: The best way to whiten teeth is to have it professionally done by a dentist, either in the office or with a take-home kit and custom tray. You get the best results in the shortest time. 

IW: How far in advance should brides or grooms start the teeth-whitening process before their wedding?

DC: It is best to have a thorough dental exam and cleaning before whitening and always leave at least two weeks before your wedding to ensure they are not too white or not white enough.

IW: How do you maintain whitened teeth?

DC: To keep your new white teeth white it is important to avoid those staining foods, especially during – or for a few days after – whitening. If your teeth need a little boost, you can always use the home kit from your dentist.

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