Blind dates that have been arranged by your parents can prove awkward, but what about being set up by a work superior? Luckily for Anna Glazer and Danny Simon, her boss and his father – who had done business together in the past – were spot-on when they decided the two would hit it off. “We’ve been inseparable ever since!” Anna muses. “After about a month of dating, he even bet me $50 that we would get married.” Danny affirms, “I knew from the beginning that I wanted to marry her – it was just about finding the right time.”

The perfect moment came almost two years into their relationship while the pair was on a trip with both sets of parents in Aspen, Colorado. “My initial intention was to ask her mother and father for their blessings in person while there,” explains the groom. “But then, I came to the realization that actually proposing in Aspen, while both sets of parents were present, was a no-brainer.” Danny got the approval of Dr. and Dr. Glazer via phone call, arranged for their siblings to join the vacation as an added surprise, and popped the question on a riverside stroll with his beloved.

When it came to selecting the venue for their special day, the Chicago-based duo had quite the choice to make. They knew that they did not want to tie the knot in Illinois, so they began looking at venues in Anna’s hometown of La Jolla, California. Unfortunately, they were unable to find a location that could accommodate their desired guest list, so they expanded their search beyond the Golden State. Suddenly, Anna recalled a luxury resort in Georgia that hosted a large reunion for her family years prior. “I knew Danny would love it,” she smiles. “We both grew up going to summer camp, and between the lake, the activities, and the scenery, it has that kind of feel.”

As excited as they were, both the bride and groom knew their destination wedding was unexpected. “Me being from Chicago and Anna from the San Diego area, Lake Oconee may have been a bit of a surprise for our guests. However, everyone quickly realized that it was an incredibly special place,” Danny notes.

After a day or two of mingling and enjoying the resort, the time had finally arrived. Bridesmaids – all in bright shades of white – were accompanied by groomsmen wearing classic suits as they walked down the burlap aisle to the tune of “Waste” by Phish in the middle of a wooded area. The groom, equally stylish in his own noir tuxedo, could not help but feel sentimental as he watched the wedding procession “starting with our closest friends, to our families, to my three nephews and niece. But the instant I saw Anna, my heart skipped a beat.” The bride wore a sleek, fitted gown boasting a sweetheart neckline, an embellished belt, and beautiful lace detailing in the back. The couple exchanged vows beneath a verdant chuppah, which showcased a wild array of snowy blooms, as well as the shawl worn by the mother of the bride during her own nuptials.

As soon as the officiant – the cousin of the groom, “a lawyer, and probably the funniest person we know,” Anna expresses – pronounced the two husband and wife, the newlyweds proceeded up the aisle as the theme song from the TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm played in the background.

Guests continued conversing over cocktails before heading inside to join the reception, finding their seats at one of the circular dining tables that filled the space. Tablescapes featured an eggshell-hued linen, china charger plate, and a centerpiece comprised of various blooms, succulents, extended branches or small stumps, and a collection of votives, providing soft lighting to the room. “Our venue dictated the color scheme – I wanted everything to blend with the rustic elegance of the resort,” the bride shares. “I loved the shades of white and green that we ended up with.”

Though the evening was a formal affair, the party atmosphere was kicked up a notch by the lively entertainment. “I was in charge of the band,” confirms Danny. “We flew them in for the wedding and that was easily the best possible decision I could have made. They maintained the crazy, energetic pace of the night that both Anna and I were praying for.”

Adjacent to the cake table stood an ice sculpture dedicated to the one guest unable to attend: “Our year-and-a-half old bulldog, Phyllis,” the groom explains. “The logistics made it impossible for her to be there.” Nonetheless, the lovebirds danced the night away with their nearest and dearest, ending their event with a splash – quite literally! “Sharing our first dance surrounded by our family and friends was truly amazing – though, a very close second to that was jumping in the pool, fully clothed, with our friends at the after-party!” exclaims Anna.