When visiting Nigeria for a wedding of a mutual friend, Irhene Ojeahere stole Michelle Ohonsi away for a dance, and they were quickly smitten with each other. About two years later he planned an elaborate surprise proposal, with the help of Michelle’s friends. Having spent the last two months under the impression that her company was organizing a fundraiser, Michelle got dressed up for the supposed event. Instead of a fundraiser, however, she instead walked into a room full of friends and family, flashing cameras, and Irhene down on one knee. “My mom later told me he had to take a shot or two to calm his nerves,” the bride laughs. “I was tickled by that!” 

The couple elected to host a winter wedding in Miami. After being warned about the stresses of wedding planning, the duo was surprised by how much fun they had during the process – a credit to their positive mindset throughout. “We wanted a treasure chest of fond memories from the days leading up to our big day and that kept us calm even in the eye of unexpected Hurricane Irma!” Michelle reveals.

Instead of choosing a tropical aesthetic due to the Florida location, the bride and groom went with a modern-chic style with a rustic touch, to better reflect their own taste. “[The design] was built on a woven blend of pastel colors, copper, and marble,” Michelle explains. The centerpieces were varied throughout the reception space, with a variety of textures used. Round tables featured arrangements similar to the bridal bouquet, while longer guest tables showcased a floral runner of lush baby’s breath and accents of orchids. The head table was topped with gold stands that held full displays of greenery. 

As a personal touch, the groom’s sister-in-law baked the wedding cake. “All we can say is that it felt like an explosion of buttery confetti in the mouth,” gushes the bride. “We could taste the love.” It was made with three tall tiers and frosted to give the appearance of marble. The initials of the bride and groom complemented copper borders at the bottom of each layer. Although the party went until 1AM, Michelle still wishes there was more time for dancing, a reflection of how much love was felt on the day. She exclaims, “Our wedding was a perfect medley of wild fun and sentimental gooeyness!”