How to Wear Your Hair Down on the Wedding Day

These romantic hairstyles look effortless and timeless.

How to Wear Your Hair Down on the Wedding Day

Photo: Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography

For a bride who likes to keep her style relaxed and uncomplicated, letting her hair down on her wedding day is a must. If you don't normally wear elaborate updos, you'll feel more like yourself with loose, flowing locks. As long as you aren't expecting windy weather (in which case, you may spend the whole wedding brushing your hair out of your face!) a "down-do" looks elegant for both formal and informal weddings. Beachy waves are particularly suited to oceanfront weddings, while a sleeker style is ideal for glam affairs.

However, just because your hair is down doesn't mean you don't need to put much thought into its style! There are tons of styles and variations: You can wear your hair straight or wavy, accented with a flower, hair clip, or tiara, or even pull back strategic sections to keep the style more manageable. Click through the slideshow above for inspiration from real brides! Although they all decided to wear their hair down, each hairstyle is completely unique.

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