14 Cute Wedding Dresses for a Casual Celebration

These styles are perfect for a backyard, garden, or courthouse wedding.

14 Cute Wedding Dresses for a Casual Celebration

Photo: Courtesy of Aideux

No matter how large or formal her wedding is, every bride deserves to wear a dress that makes her feel beautiful. But if you're hosting a casual backyard wedding, a courthouse ceremony, or an intimate reception dinner at your favorite local restaurant, you might feel overdressed in a traditional gown. Plus, if you choose to throw a simple affair, chances are a formal ball gown or satin mermaid isn't even your style. You'll want to find a laid-back dress (or pants!) that makes you feel like a bride, but doesn't overpower an informal wedding.

In the slideshow above, discover easy, casual dresses that perfectly match a cozy destination wedding, a small celebration in a lovely garden or park, or an at-home soirée. Don't worry: you can dance and celebrate with ease in these outfits! Choose from dresses, skirts, tops, and pants that brim with bridal style, while still allowing you to feel like yourself! 

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