Popular New Manicure Looks for Brides & Bridesmaids

We asked a professional nail artist for her advice on wedding nails.

While most brides choose neutrals – nudes, light pinks, whites, or even clear – for their wedding nails, many women are yearning for more unique manicure styles that will allow them to stand out on their wedding day.

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The nail hues most brides wear on their wedding day are typically neutrals – nudes, light pinks, whites, or even clear; however, many women are yearning for more unique manicure styles that will allow them to stand out on their wedding day. We've seen brides don bright reds, forest greens, and even blacks to complement their wedding décor or the setting in which they say "I do."

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Whether you choose to go bold with a color, pattern, or nail art that will dazzle your detail shots or you decide to stay fairly traditional, there are a wide range of options available to brides and bridesmaids when it comes to manicures. Is gold one of the hues in your wedding color palette? Incorporate gilt details in your wedding nails. Is your cake or aisle runner in an ombré style? Do the same thing with your manicure! Don't want to go too bold on your big day? Have some fun with bright colors or funky styles at pre-wedding events, such as your bridal shower or bachelorette party!

For more tips and advice, we asked Maya McCreary – the lead nail artist at Color Camp in Los Angeles – a few questions about the latest trends in manicure styles, as well as popular looks for brides and bridesmaids this season. Read the Q&A below!

Inside Weddings: What are the latest trends in engagement and wedding manicures?

Maya McCreary: One of our favorite trends right now involves a gel that makes your nails look like they have a sweater-like texture. Chrome, stars, and geometric lines are also very popular. Right now especially we're loving sparkly foils that give your nails a wintry look. 

IW: How about for brides or the bridal party, or are the trends the same?

MM: For bridal parties it's always good to have light colors and a bit of shine! Some brides are also starting to do more reds, even in deep shades, to match their wedding style.

IW: What are some great seasonal color options? 
MM: Colors that shimmer and warm nudes are good for everyone. Black, burgundy, and champagne golds are great for people who like to go all out! If you're more into neutral looks, try adding a little sparkle to a light color. It won't draw too much attention to your nails, but it's still pretty and festive!

IW: Do you have any suggestions for brides who are looking to grow out their nails for their wedding?
MM: I always suggest to brides that they regularly apply cuticle oil and take a nail vitamin in the months leading up to their wedding. Definitely avoid acrylic since it can cause damage to nails. I'd recommend getting a Japanese type of gel, which is good to help your nails grow stronger and stay longer.

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Wedding manicure nail ideas foil nail art color camp

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