The Pros and Cons of a Bridal Updo

The benefits and drawbacks of wearing your hair up for your wedding.

The Pros and Cons of a Bridal Updo

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Photo: Jennifer Bowen Photography

pros and cons of wearing your hair up for your wedding
When putting together a bridal look, one of the main beauty decisions that needs to be made is how to wear your hair. Yes, there is generally a trial with your hairstylist, but you still need to have a general idea of how you want your coiffure to look on the big day.

This can be difficult to figure out, as there are a wide variety of styles available for every type of hair. One of the biggest trends in recent years is brides wearing their hair down with soft waves, but plenty of women still choose to wear their hair up, whether in a regal chignon or a more relaxed style.

As you narrow down the different ways to wear your hair, the first thing you must decide is whether to wear it up or down. To help you come to a conclusion, we have listed the benefits and drawbacks of a bridal updo, below. 


-   It will stay out of your face. If you will be having an alfresco ceremony, you won’t have to worry about the wind blowing your hair in your face.
-   You can change up your look. It’s easier to let your hair down for the reception than the other way around. Why buy two dresses if you can just change your hairstyle?
-   It’s easier to attach a veil. Hair worn down has to be pinned very carefully and still may fall, while an updo has the perfect anchor point for a veil.


-   It can be a headache – literally! Having your hair up, especially with dozens of pins, for a significant amount of time can be painful.
-   It might not be as flattering. Not every face shape is complemented by an updo. You may prefer your look if you have your hair frame your face.
-   It's more likely to make a mess. The more complicated the coiffure, the more likely that pieces will fall out of the style throughout the day, leading to a messy look you didn’t intend.

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Opening photo by Jennifer Bowen Photography