What Your Engagement Ring Setting Says About You

See how your ring reflects both your personal and bridal style.

Read on to see what the setting of your engagement ring says about your style and upcoming wedding – especially if you laid a few hints about the style.

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When discussing engagement rings, people often focus on the shape of the center stone, rather than the setting. We don’t want to undercut the importance of the center stone, of course, but we think it’s time to give settings their due. After all, the setting certainly affects the look and style of the ring – perhaps even more than the diamond does. We’ve even had grooms from our real weddings who proposed with a temporary setting so their beloved could pick out an engagement ring that properly suited her personality. Of course, not every woman ultimately gets a say in her engagement ring, so it may not be a true reflection of her personality; however, for those who did manage to drop some hints regarding what they wanted, read on to see what the setting of your ring says about your style and upcoming wedding. 

emerald cut diamond engagement ring with tapered baguette side stones, what your engagement ring setting says about you

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Solitaire with Prongs: You have a classic and timeless style and will likely have an A-line gown to fit with your traditional nuptials. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are among your fashion icons.

Pavé Band or Small Accent Stones: This is very similar to the simple solitaire, but with a little more flash. If this is your ring, you might pick a simple dress, only to embellish it with a belt or overskirt. 

Halo: You want a glamorous, opulent wedding and will probably wear a gown with lots of beading and embellishments. Your friends know to count on you to be on top of all the latest fashion trends. 

Bezel Setting: You’re a no-nonsense type of woman who sees no use for frills. After getting engaged, you actually wanted to elope but ultimately acquiesced to a full ceremony and reception for the sake of your family or sweetheart. 

Vintage: You like to be unique, but you also never do anything too crazy that you might regret. Your gown will likely have lots of lace, while your wedding will have plenty of personal touches.

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