How the Stars Get Prepped for Their Wedding Days

Celebrity stylist Anya Sarre shares A-list secrets to getting-ready for the big day!

How the Stars Get Prepped for Their Wedding Days

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A bride on her wedding day is a lot like an A-list celebrity on the red carpet at the Oscars. She has had months of preparation and anticipation for the big day, she will be photographed all day from every angle, and she feels pressure and excitement to look her very best once the day comes.

Here is an insider’s guide to the best kept secrets in Hollywood – what celebrities really do to get ready for the big event. Take a page out of their book to look and feel great just in time for your special day! 

The Fluidity Bar
Some brides start worrying about fitting into their dream dress the day they get engaged. Don't stress, just start working out with the The Fluidity Barre.  It is the secret behind the long, lean bodies you see on the red carpet. This is an accelerated way to fit into your dress and look great on your honeymoon. Fluidity transforms your body into the long, lean lines and irresistible curves of a dancer’s body – with just two 30-minute workouts per week. The workout combines extensive research in exercise physiology and kinesiology with experience in the graceful art of ballet to create an exercise method that works your body in a way no other workout can. Start the workout as soon as you can, and stay dedicated two times a week before your wedding day.

Flat Tummy Tea
Wearing a tight bridal gown? The best accessory is a flat stomach, right? Many factors like stress, diet, and our digestive system can be the reasons behind your stomach not looking the way you want it to. Take a cue from the stars, who will drink Flat Tummy Tea two-to-four weeks before a big event to look extra amazing in their dress.

Luxe Lotion Travel Set
The key to a beautiful, glowing bride is flawless skin! Everyone’s skin is different, but one thing everyone’s skincare has in common is chemicals. If you take away the toxins and other unnatural ingredients, your skin can breathe and glow, as it should. Stars love the natural, non-greasy feel of Luxe Lotion. They also love the smooth and plump skin they see as a result of using the product. Great for face, neck, hands, and body, the lotion gets your skin soft and hydrated for the big day. Start using the product 8-10 weeks before the big day. With travel sizes available, these are great to take on your honeymoon as well! 

Gilded Cells Under Eye Multi-Complex Serum
Getting ready for any big event can involve stress and sleepless nights. You won't like any of your photos if you have bags, circles, or puffiness under your eyes! Stars use Gilded Cells Under Eye Multi-Complex Serum before an event to reduce fine lines, deep lines, crow's feet, puffiness, and under-eye discoloration. Start using this product 6-12 weeks before your wedding day for optimal results.

Whether your hair is up or down on your big day, you want to have the shiniest, strongest locks possible, even before your hair trial. Some of Hollywood’s most famous heads of hair swear by L’HYDRATATION hair mask, which contains a highly effective formula with a creamy consistency. It provides a turbo-blast of lasting moisture for normal to very dry hair. Hair immediately feels stronger, regenerated, and revitalized – without being weighed down. Start using as needed, and do one treatment 10 days before your wedding.

Dr. Dennis Gross Bronzing Pads
A celebrity red-carpet trick is that the perfect bronze glow can make you look thinner, make your arms and chest appear more defined, and give you an instant healthy, relaxed look. No one wants to have a tan gone wrong for their wedding day! That's why the stars favor Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad sunless tanner. You can do it yourself at home to build a gradual, natural color. Do a trial at least two months before your wedding day to test your color. Exfoliate before reapplying three to four days before the big day!

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