JLo Dancer Tera Perez on Her Onstage Engagement

Back-up dancer Tera Perez answers questions about her fiancé's proposal while onstage with Jennifer Lopez.

JLo Dancer Tera Perez on Her Onstage Engagement

Photo: Jose Villa Photography

Tera Perez and Lake Smits get engaged on stage with jennifer lopez

When you work with world-famous performer Jennifer Lopez, your career is truly an exciting adventure with many twists and turns. Of course, an engagement ring doesn’t fall under the category of the traditional workplace surprise, but for back-up dancer Tera Perez, her last performance on JLo’s world tour caught her between a rock and a happy place. Tera’s longtime boyfriend, fellow dancer Lake Smits, popped the question during the finale of the show – and, it being a grand concert, the entire experience was captured on video. We got to chat with the newly engaged Tera about her fiancé, that epic moment, and her developing wedding plans going forward.

Inside Weddings: How did the two of you meet?

Tera Perez: We met in 2010 while performing at a show in LA called “UNITY” and we instantly had a great chemistry. We then went on to dance with Jennifer Lopez on her Dance Again world tour and it changed our lives! Our relationship grew so much and we experienced things most couples only dream of.

IW: How long were you dating before the engagement?

TP: We dated for about six years before the proposal happened.

IW: Can you give us a little background on the proposal?

TP: Lake reached out to Jennifer a few weeks prior to the engagement to try and plan the best show and make this magical night happen. It ended up being the last show of our February run on the 25th. It was perfect!

IW: Did you see it coming or were you completely surprised?

TP: I was beyond shocked and surprised; I had no idea Lake was even in Vegas or at the show at all. He was hiding in the back of the theatre watching the entire show alongside my parents, his mom, and sister! He rose up from an elevator from under the stage during our finale pose, I didn’t see it coming at all! During the proposal, I was in literal shock, everything went blank. I heard nothing, I saw nothing, all of the sudden the crowd didn’t exist and all that mattered was Lake: complete tunnel vision. As soon as he went down on one knee, my heart melted and I was just overwhelmed!

IW: Have you started planning? Are there any wedding details you have in mind already?

TP: No planning has started yet, but we are definitely hoping for next year in 2018 sometime. Lake is from Hawaii so being able to get married in his hometown would be a gorgeous setting and we’re throwing around ideas in Santa Barbara as well. We both love the water so definitely a beachfront venue and lots of greenery is ideal.

IW: Is there anything else about the experience you'd like to share?

TP: We are so grateful for Jennifer Lopez being a part of this engagement and making it all happen. It’s now a night we will never forget and we truly feel blessed beyond words!

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Opening photo courtesy of Tera Perez's Instagram