How to Choose the Right Wedding Planner for You

In a sea of Instagram-worthy weddings, what sets wedding planners apart?

While there is an endless supply of incredibly talented planners and designers who can produce picture-perfect events, how do you choose one? Michelle Durpetti shares her expert tips to help you decide!

wedding planner michelle durpetti events setting up italian tablescape for wedding shoot
Photo: Faci Beni Fotografia

You’re newly engaged... what’s next? Likely, it’s a scroll through Instagram for some wedding inspiration! You might soon feel overwhelmed by big, bold, and beautiful weddings planned by some of the best professionals in the country. While there is an endless supply of incredibly talented planners and designers who can produce picture-perfect events, how do you choose one? What sets them apart in a sea of Instagram-worthy weddings? Selecting the right planner boils down to personality, communication style, and unique skill sets. As you browse through social media and consider options for your nuptials, here are a few visual, verbal, and emotional cues that can help determine whether or not a particular person may or may not be the right fit for you. Let’s explore them!

Visually: Does the work featured in their photos fit your aesthetic?

While plenty of wedding professionals have the ability to channel their creativity no matter their clients’ style preferences, there are certainly those who are known for perfecting a particular look and feel. From classic and timeless to bold and bohemian, take notice of the images being shared to determine if this wedding professional fits the aesthetic you desire. Are they utilizing unique and interesting spaces well? Are the tiny, noticeable details that are important to you important to them as well? Take time to peruse photos and mull over the elements that are significant to you for your big day.

Rustic Wedding Ceremony

Photo by Collin Pierson PhotographyPlanning & Design by Michelle Durpetti Events

Verbally: Are they writing captions that resonate with you?

As we enter the new decade, many social media experts are predicting that microblogging in the form of captions will be the new way that businesses, brands, and influencers will connect with followers. The logic is that lengthier, thoughtful captions will help to bridge the relationship in a more meaningful way. While determining what sets one wedding designer apart from another, consider this: do they communicate verbally in a way that makes sense to you? Do they move you? This is so important even on a written level as communication will be one of the key elements of your future relationship.

Emotionally: Does their messaging strike a chord with you?

Do you feel like they have the same kind or synergistically complementary emotional responses as you? For example, do they talk about ceremonies the same way you feel about them? If you are looking for a quick 10-minute vow exchange and this planner is speaking about long, in-depth ceremonies, that could pose a problem. Pay attention to details to ensure you’re on the same page about various aspects of the celebration.

Bride & Groom on Steps

Photo by Joanna Toto for The DayPlanning & Design by Michelle Durpetti Events

Energetically: Is this person on your wavelength?

Are you a young professional who has a clear vision of the special day, but you’re planning a wedding between meetings and business trips? Or perhaps you’re free-spirited with an open mind and in need of creative guidance. Be sure that the wedding planner shares your energy and that it complements yours or encourages creative thinking. Be honest with yourself about who you are and search for familiarity in your designer.

Financially: Does this vendor work within your spending limit? And do so well?

While all of the event professionals you select will play key factors in your big day, your wedding planner is going to be essential in the process. From design, vendor selection and sourcing, to timelines and event management, planners can sometimes come at varying price ranges; however, there are many benefits to consider. Hiring an experienced professional means that you get an advantage from the industry relationships they’ve built, as well as the expertise they’ve developed over the course of many years of perfecting their craft. Choose someone who will fit your needs within your spending limit to ensure a seamless process.

Wedding Reception at Gothic Hall

Photo by Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema; Bridal Salon: Mark Ingram Atelier; Planning & Design by Michelle Durpetti Events

Every creative has a strength in their skill sets. That means that sometimes you aren’t a match, and that’s okay! Your vision, the planning process, and your special day will be in great hands when you select a wedding professional whose expertise and disposition really resonate with you.