10 Trendy Bridal Dress Necklines to Rock on Your Big Day

See some of the most popular necklines for wedding dresses and determine your personal style!

10 Trendy Bridal Dress Necklines to Rock on Your Big Day

Photo: Laurie Bailey Photography

Many women perceive the purchasing of their bridal ensemble as one of the pinnacle moments of planning their nuptials. Entire movies and television shows have been created around wedding dresses; it’s no wonder the experience holds such weight in the industry. When brides-to-be go shopping for their gowns, they’re often looking for something that fits their personalities and preferences, wanting their outfit to accentuate certain areas and flow with the motif of their big day.

Many women are aware of the general silhouettes of wedding dresses, but an equally important element to consider is the neckline of your gown. Below, we’ve detailed 10 different bridal necklines to help you choose which is right for you. Be sure to click on each photo to get further inspiration from that wedding or styled shoot!

1. Jewel

This is also known as the crew or T-shirt neckline; it is rounded and sits at the base of the throat. It is a simple, modest design perfect for those brides who’d prefer not to subscribe to anything revealing. This is idyllic for women who are looking to accentuate their upper body – it makes small-chested women appear bustier. Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography; Consulting by Ilana Ashley Events; Gown by Anne Barge

2. Straight Across

This design is quite self-explanatory – it wraps around the upper body creating a straight line of fabric above the chest. It’s a great option for brides who are looking for a specific vintage look. Select it if you’d like to accentuate your collarbone and shoulders on your wedding day. Photo by Karlisch Photography

3. Illusion

One of the most popular and modern designs, illusion necklines refer to sheer fabric giving way to a hint of skin beneath and can be fashioned into a variety of shapes. This is a great way to achieve a balance between sexy and sophisticated. Illusion detailing is lovely for all preferences and body types! Photo by Arden Photography; Gown by Liancarlo

4. Sweetheart

Much like the straight across, the sweetheart is a strapless look that sits above your breasts, but dips down in the middle, resembling the top of a heart. This is one of the most popular styles: it is a chic and sexy shape that highlights décolletage in a regal, tasteful way. Photo by Kristen Weaver Photography

5. V-Neck

The line of this style dips farther down than the sweetheart neckline, creating a “V” shape in the upper body. These come in an array of lengths – some more modest and others designed in the “plunging” fashion. V-necks are perfect for a woman with middle-sized breasts – B and C cups. Photo by Elizabeth Messina; Consulting by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

6. Halter

This design features a higher neckline wherein the fabric is gathered at the neck and there is a strap that wraps around the neck to connect it. A stylish alternative to a classic neckline, it is perfect for the offbeat bride. The style will definitely accentuate bigger shoulders. Photo by David Manning Photographer; Consulting by Tessa Lyn Events

7. Off-the-Shoulder

This style wraps around the woman’s entire upper body – chest and arms – while leaving the collarbone bare. It is a fun option for brides who want to exude a certain boho-chic presence during their vow exchange. It highlights the chest since it hugs the torso and chest in a flattering way. Photo by Kevin Weinstein Photography; Gown by Ines Di Santo 

8. Queen Anne

If you’re looking for an essence of royalty, the Queen Anne – a higher collar giving way to a short V-neck in the front – is an especially perfect choice. It conveys an Old-World charm and regality unrivaled by any other neckline. It highlights the neck and frames the upper chest. Photo by Nadia D. Photography

9. Halter Straps

Much like the halter, this look includes a strap that wraps around the back of the neck, but this style sits lower on a woman’s body. This style is recommended for brides with a sexy and unique silhouette in mind, as it shows off the upper chest, shoulders, and arms. Photo by Callaway Gable; Consulting by Tessa Lyn Events

10. Bateau/Boat Neck

This design runs parallel to the length of your collar bone, coming together near the tip of your shoulders. Similar to the jewel neckline, it shows much less décolletage and embodies a sweet simplicity – additionally, it creates the illusion of a bigger chest in small-breasted women. Photo by Sarah Kate; Gown by Claire Pettibone

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