Adorable Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Ideas: Outfits, Accessories & More

Be inspired by the cute kids' attire from these real weddings.

If you're choosing to partake in the tradition of having children attendants – more specifically, flower girls and ring bearers – at your wedding ceremony, you have one more thing to think about while planning your nuptials: what they'll wear.

Photo: Samuel Lippke Studios

If you're choosing to partake in the tradition of having children attendants – more specifically, flower girls and ring bearers – at your wedding ceremony, you have one more thing to think about while planning your nuptials: what they'll wear. 

Flower girls typically don flower girl dresses in the white or ivory color family, while ring bearers' outfits include small suits or tuxedos; however, there are plenty of other options if you choose to modernize the looks of your flower girl and ring bearer as the littlest member(s) of your wedding party walks down the aisle on your wedding day.

What should a flower girl do at the wedding?

Many of today's couples choose to dress their flower girl in colorful flower girl dresses and ring bearers in more casual attire with suspenders and perhaps a bow tie. Flower girls often carry small nosegays of flowers, flower girl baskets filled with flower petals, or simply walk down the aisle accessorized with a flower crown and holding the hands of the other flower girls or ring bearers.

What should a ring bearer carry?

While an older ring bearer often carries the wedding rings on a small ring pillow as a ring boy, others may be in charge of holding ring-bearer signs that read "here comes the bride" or, once again, hold hands with the other ring bearer or flower girl. Regardless of what attire and duty you select for the ring bearer or flower girl in your bridal party, they're sure to add to the happiness of the day as well as look adorable in your wedding album.

Take a look at photos from real weddings featuring flower girl and ring bearer outfit ideas that are just too cute in order to gather inspiration for your own wedding ceremony! Click your favorite wedding photos to see more ideas from these gorgeous events!

Flower Girl and Ring Bearers Laughing

These darling flower girls donned matching white flower girl dresses and beautiful flower crowns in the same color palette as the wedding ceremony décor. Each ring bearer wore a tiny tux complete with a boutonniere just like the groomsmen's tuxedos. Photo by Vue Photography; From Real Wedding: Jewish Ceremony + Reception with Touches of 1920s Glam in Atlanta

Cute Ring Bearer Holding Tray

This adorable ring bearer carried the ring(s) in velvet ring boxes arranged on a golden tray. He was dressed in a tuxedo shirt or dress shirt with pink suspenders and a striped bow tie. Photo by Abby Jiu Photography; Month-of Planning by Evoke Design & Creative; From Real Wedding: Chic Parisian Romance-Inspired Spring Wedding in Washington, DC

Charming Floral Flower Girl Dress

This sweet girl wore a darling white dress featuring vibrant pink blooms that complemented the flowers in her small bouquet that she carried down the aisle before the bride and groom tied the knot. Photo by Bryan Miller Photography; From Real Wedding: Church Ceremony + Tropical Outdoor Reception in San Diego

Nick Bateman & Maria Corrigan's Son Chase in Tuxedo Onesie

For little ones too young for formal attire, consider having them wear a tuxedo-style onesie with a clip-on bow tie, like this darling boy who was carried down the aisle in a wagon. Photo by Jenny Quicksall Photography; Planning & Design by Bluebell Events; From Real Wedding: Actor + Model Nick Bateman & Maria Corrigan's Malibu Wedding on 11th Anniversary

Flower Girls in Dresses with Trains and Floral Appliqués

Brides don't have to be the only ones at weddings with gorgeous trains! We love how these two flower girls' dresses feature elegant trains with floral appliqués towards the hem. Photo by Rene Zadori Photography; Planning & Design by Bluebell Events; From Real Wedding: Inside Ali and Andrea of The Royalty Family's Malibu Wedding

Ringer Bearer in Burgundy Vest

One of the more classic ring bearer ideas is to send the ring bearer down the aisle with a ring pillow – either with the rings tied to the pillow with ribbon or arranged next to fresh flowers on top. If you'd like a more traditional ring bearer outfit – burgundy or not – when you tie the knot, this is the choice for you & it's also perfect for fall ring bearer outfits! Photo by Dmitry Shumanev Production; From Real Wedding: Romantic Wedding with Lush Florals in Autumnal Hues

Flower Girl with Bridal Bouquet

This adorable attendant may not have carried this larger bridal bouquet down the aisle, but she looked like perfection as she made her way down the wedding ceremony aisle in a pink gown with a flower crown accessory. Photo by Brian Leahy Photography; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events; From Real Wedding: Alfresco Ceremony with Sweeping Ocean Views + Tented Reception

Smiling Ring Bearer in Tux & Bow Tie

This cute ring bearer also carried a classic pillow and donned a traditional tuxedo with a bow tie for the special occasion. Photo by Birds of a Feather; From Real Wedding: Church Ceremony + Sparkling Pink Ballroom Reception with City Views

Flower Girls in Gold

These sweet girls carried moss-covered baskets down the aisle as they wore glittering gold gowns with ballerina slippers. Photo by Dmitry Shumanev Production; From Real Wedding: Romantic Wedding with Lush Florals in Autumnal Hues

Adorable Ring Bearer in Front of Groomsmen

Like the groomsmen at this wedding, the sweet ring bearer wore a navy blue suit and tie for the occasion – a twist on the traditional wedding attire to bring a pop of color into the ceremony. If your ring bearer is going to wear a brighter color, consider having him carry a wood ring-bearer sign down the aisle for some contrast! Photo by Eli Turner Studios; From Real Wedding: Ballroom Wedding with Unique Garden Elements in Washington, DC

Flower Girls in Baby's Breath Crowns

If you are planning to have both older and younger attendants, send them down the aisle with small nosegays of flowers while holding hands for a picture-perfect look. Photo by Leppert Photography; From Real Wedding: Autumnal Alfresco Garden Ceremony & Tented Reception in Cincinnati

Adorable Pair of Ring Bearers

If you're having two boys act as ring bearer, give them each a job! Have one hold the ring pillow, while the other carries a single bloom or sign. Photo by Jenny Quicksall Photography; Planning & Design by Bluebell Events; From Real Wedding: Romantic, Rustic Wedding in Malibu with Jewish & English Traditions

Flower Girl on Tip Toes in a Garden

Don't be afraid to let your little ones' hair down! A well-manicured coiffure is cute for little girls, but if they have gorgeous long hair or the sweetest curls, let them be themselves. Photo by EDLT Photo; From Real Wedding: An Oceanfront Vintage-Inspired Wedding in Laguna Beach, California

Three Flower Girls in Ball Gowns with Flower Baskets

Photo by Valorie Darling Photography; Floral Design by The Hidden Garden; From Real Wedding: An Opulent Ocean-View Ceremony & Luxurious Reception in Santa Barbara

Sweet Young Ring Bearer in Bow Tie

There's nothing cuter than a little boy wearing a tuxedo, so if you're having a formal wedding, a miniature tux will certainly bring a smile to your guests' faces. Photo by Jose Villa Photography; Planning & Design by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants; From Real Wedding: Glamorous & Sophisticated Garden-Themed Ballroom Wedding in Chicago

Two Flower Girls & Cute Ring Bearer

These children attendants all walked down the aisle together holding hands, with the girls carrying baskets positioned on the outside of the aisle. Consider a darker-toned bow tie for an autumnal ring bearer outfit (fall wedding approved)!  Photo by Grant Daniels Photography; From Real Wedding: Outdoor Ceremony & Tented Reception with Cozy Fall Color Palette

Ring Bearer Marches Down the Aisle

If your ring bearer is really young, you don't even need to give him a job. Having him run or walk down the aisle will be enough to give the ceremony a touching feel. Dress him in a casual suit sans tie if that fits your wedding theme! Photo by Tine Hoffman; From Real Wedding: Intimate California Wedding with Natural Elements and Modern Trends

Twirling and Dancing Flower Girls

If you danced as a kid – or still do – you may want to dress your attendants in ballet-inspired gowns, with tights and ballet slippers as well! Dressing your little ones is an opportunity to put a unique personalized spin on your celebration if you choose to do so. Photo by Karlisch Photography; From Real Wedding: Modern Rustic Wedding Full of Flowers and Geometric Details

Ring Bearer

In lieu of a ring pillow, you can also send your ring bearer down the aisle with a glamelia bloom – rose petals fashioned to look like one single flower. Photo by KT Merry Photography; From Real Wedding: A Gorgeous and Elegant Outdoor Florida Wedding

Ring Bearer Kisses Flower Girl

Having a vintage-inspired wedding? Dress your littlest attendants in antique or vintage flower girl outfit or ring bearer outfits to set the mood and look precious in photographs. Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events; From Real Wedding: Classic Church Ceremony + Soft, Romantic Reception in Santa Monica

Mini Maserati Ring Bearer Car

We've seen smaller children attendants pushed in wagons, but if your little one is old enough to control his own transportation down the aisle, why not have him come down in a miniature car? Photo by Duke Photography; Floral Design by Amaryllis Floral & Event Design; From Real Wedding: Grand Wedding with Regal Décor and Golden Details in Washington, DC

Bride with Flower Girls in White

Love the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend? Dress your flower girls in mismatched dresses in the same color – white shown here – and give them matching flower crowns to create a cohesive look. Photo by Maya Myers Photography; Floral Design by Lilla Bello; Planning & Design by Sterling Engagements; From Real Wedding: Malibu Wedding with Gorgeous Views of the Santa Monica Mountains

Ring Bearers Play Together

These ring bearers wore similar clothing, while one didn't have suspenders and the other did. Also, allow kids to be kids if it fits your vision – let them carry a toy down the aisle (as long as it fits with your theme). Photo by Paul Barnett Photographer; From Real Wedding: Bohemian, Outdoor Garden Wedding Ceremony + Rustic Reception

Cowboy Ring Bearers

Having a country wedding? Have your littlest attendants wear cowboy boots and bolo ties for an authentic look. Photo by Mi Belle Photographers; From Real Wedding: Entertainment Host Adrianna Costa's Desert Chic Wedding

Striped Flower Girls Dresses

Don't be afraid to be bold! Dress your girls in striped dresses if you want – flower girl dresses don't always have to be made of white tulle or lace! Photo by Paige Jones; Planning & Design by Bluebell Events; From Real Wedding: Lively, Colorful Wedding at Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

Ring Bearers in Grey Vests

For a  more casual wedding, we love when ring bearers wear lighter suits or even vests. The options are endless! Photo by Maya Myers Photography; Floral Design by Lilla Bello; Planning & Design by Sterling Engagements; From Real Wedding: Malibu Wedding with Gorgeous Views of the Santa Monica Mountains

Los Angeles Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

For a more traditional look for your children attendants, dress the flower girl in a bridal-inspired gown and the ring bearer in a groom-inspired tuxedo with dress shoes or penny loafers. It'll never go out of style! Photo by Joe Latter Photographer; From Real Wedding: Glamorous Outdoor Ceremony + Ballroom Reception with Purple Details

What do you do if you don't have a ring bearer or flower girl? 

If you choose not to have children attendants on your big day, that's okay! Some couples prefer to have their grandparents, pets, or even a dear friend or family member play the role of a flower girl or ring bearer; however, if you don't want to incorporate any of the typical traditions and customs that go along with this attendant, don't worry about it! Since a ring bearer traditionally holds the wedding rings, instead ask your best man or maid of honor to do so – or if you aren't having a best man or MOH, ask a bridesmaid, groomsman, family member, or close friend.

For more inspiration, find out unique duties for your flower girls and ring bearers, learn ways to keep kids entertained at your wedding, and discover 50 first dance song ideas from real brides and grooms.