12 Grooms with Wedding Style That's On Point

Forget about basic suits and tuxedos – let these men show you fashion-forward options.

12 Grooms with Wedding Style That's On Point

Photo: Lucky Love Photography

bohemian bride and groom

While everyone is oohing and ahhing over the bride's gown, the groom is often left in the background. Of course, he looks perfectly lovely in his tux or suit, but that's as far as it typically goes. Chances are, he looks exactly the same as his groomsmen and every other groom who came before him. And that's a shame, because it's his big day, too, and he has every right to wear something that reflects how important and exciting this celebration is. Tradition is wonderful, but grooms, if you knew how to elevate your suit or tux so it actually reflected your style and personality, would you do it?

We suspect that most grooms would actually love to wear something fashion-forward, that doesn't make them feel like a "suit." It's not as challenging as you might think. Simple updates, like a colorful tie or pocket square, can help you stand out. For a more daring look, wear cool sneakers or loafers, instead of the usual black oxford. If you're really looking to make a statement, mix and match jackets and pants (they don't have to be the same color!) or choose a suit in a shade other than black, like navy, tan, or taupe.

There is so much room for creativity in menswear, and the grooms below can show you how it's done!

man bun groom

Man bun? Check. Mismatched jacket and pants? Check. Rustic boutonniere? Check. In other words, the perfect ensemble for a groom who wears his hipster style proudly. Photo by Lucky Love Photography

beach wedding groom

For a beach wedding, choose light fabrics over dark. A linen suit is effortlessly cool with a mint green tie and brown dress shoes. Photo by Jana Williams Photography

navy jacket

A groom who wants to err on the side of tradition can choose a navy blue jacket for just enough modern style. Contrasting black lapels add a refined twist! Photo by Lucas Rossi & Michelle Kyle

white jacket

Sophisticated and confident grooms can pull off a white tuxedo jacket paired with black pants and a black bow tie. Photo by Milanés Photography

purple tie

Even grooms need a pop of color! A purple tie and navy blue jacket complement a groom with a fun-loving personality. Photo by Sarah & Ben

blue casual suit

If your bride is rocking a minidress, you'll want to match her casual, chic style. A blue jacket and paisley tie over dark pants feels special but not overly formal. Photo by Samuel Lippke Studios

black shirt

Don't be afraid to embrace your dark side! Just be sure to add a few cheerful accessories, like a bow tie and boutonniere, so you don't look like you're going to a funeral. Photo by McLellan Style

white and black jacket

It takes attitude to pull off a white dinner jacket with black lapels, but we have confidence in you! This look is perfect for a groom who wants to make an entrance. Photo by Paul Barnett Photographer

blue suits

Outdoor weddings – especially beach weddings! – beg for a wardrobe of light, sunny fabrics. Accessorize with loafers or slip-on sneakers for ultimate comfort. Photo by Samuel Lippke Studios

gray suit

Who says you have to wear a tie? Rustic or country grooms will feel more at ease in a crisp white button-down shirt and a grey jacket and slacks. Just make sure the suit is tailored perfectly, so you still look put together. Photo by Vue Photography

brown suit

Men tend to shy away from tan suits, and we're not sure why. This snazzy ensemble complements a bohemian, garden wedding beautifully. Photo by Sarah Tew Photography

taupe suits

If you and your groomsmen will be wearing the same suit, be sure to choose a boutonniere and pocket square in different colors. Allow yourself to stand out! Photo by Vanessa Joy Photography

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Opening photo by Amanda McKinnon Photography