The night that Rorie Wach and Adam Miller first met, Adam had to literally break the ice to start a conversation.

It was April 2009, and Rorie and Adam were both guests at a party hosted by a mutual friend. Rorie says she was attracted to Adam from the moment she first saw him, and even remembers the exact outfit he was wearing that day: plaid pants, a black v-neck t- shirt, and white Converse sneakers. He was “the cutest guy in the room,” she gushes.

Adam noticed her, too, and followed her into the kitchen to ask her if she wanted some ice for her drink, at which point he had to literally break apart ice cubes to cool her beverage. After Adam’s “icebreaker,” the pair talked for the rest of the evening and quickly began dating.

Though Adam knew he wanted to marry Rorie after just six months together, he waited to propose until his 30th birthday, three years later. The proposal ended up being perfectly timed, as his birthday party later that evening turned into an engagement party with all of their friends.

Over the next year, Rorie planned most of the wedding herself, guided by a “garden-chic” esthetic. The self-proclaimed “hippy at heart/flower child” chose the relaxed and classy Brooklyn Botanic Gardens as both the ceremony and reception venue, and opted to hold the ceremony in the evening under a beautiful willow tree. With their 26-member wedding party beside them, the couple said their vows under a chuppah made of woven wood and adorned with pink spray roses; their best friend presided over the ceremony. The 226 guests each received a rose-quartz crystal at the start of the ceremony and were instructed to hold the crystal and empower it with their love and wisdom. They then placed the crystals in a glass jar during the cocktail hour for the newlyweds to display in their new home.

Upon entering the reception, held in the glass, dome-shaped Palm House at the Gardens, a chalkboard that read “Stay Calm and Party On,” along with the wedding’s official Instagram hashtag, set the tone for the evening. Purple and pink flowers, purple lighting, and driftwood centerpieces decorated with crystals and mercury glass votives created an ambience Adam describes as “out of a movie.” Rorie reveals that most of the guests didn’t even eat dinner because they were dancing the entire night, and Adam says that he and his bride barely sat down until the party ended at 1 a.m.

Even the day’s single mishap turned out for the best: The vintage Rolls Royce Rorie and Adam intended to take to the ceremony broke down, so they ran three blocks to catch the bus transporting the wedding party to the venue.

“That was so meant to be since Rorie and I are very social and love our friends and it was just very fitting that we all ended up together on the way to the Gardens,” Adam says.

From the “first look” at their hotel to their fathers’ speeches at the reception, both Adam and Rorie describe the day as “perfect,” and one that allowed their romantic journey to come full circle.

“One of my fondest memories was after about two months of dating,” Adam remembers. “I came over to her apartment and as she was cooking an awesome dinner for me (chicken parmesan), I said to myself, ‘Wow, this is a girl I could marry.’ And here we are five years later.”