5 Fun Ways to Send Your Ring Bearer Down the Aisle

Put a twist on tradition with these options that you and your ring bearer will both enjoy!

While following tradition is a lovely choice for a classic wedding, more and more brides are choosing to incorporate some personality as they send their little guys down the aisle.

Children's Attire
Photo: Carter Rose for F8 Studio

Tiny black tuxedos, satin pillows, imitation rings: these are what generally come to mind when thinking of the traditional ring bearer. And while following tradition is a lovely choice for a classic wedding, more and more brides are choosing to incorporate some personality as they send their little guys down the aisle. Young boys often have short attention spans, so making their part in the wedding more fun can be helpful in keeping them focused on the task at hand – to look adorable and make it down the aisle without wreaking any havoc, of course.  

Whether the couple wants to come up with an idea for the ring bearer or discuss it with the child himself, these cute ideas from real weddings should help serve as inspiration. Click on your favorite photos to see more details from each of the celebrations!

ring bearers dressed as security guards with safeMake sure the rings are secure by hiring some "security guards" as your ring bearers. Or rather, dress up the little ones in security-guard costumes and give them miniature safes to carry as they walk down the aisle. Kids love to use their imagination and will enjoy being such an important part of your day, while guests will delight in seeing the ring bearer(s) take their job so seriously! Photo by KLK Photography

ring bearers in movie inspired costumes dumb and dumber
If your wedding has a strong theme, consider a costume for the ring bearer(s) to add to the fun. These two boys were part of a movie-inspired wedding and dressed up as Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber, but themed outfits can come from a variety of sources to best fit your nuptials. Photo by Carter Rose for F8 Studios

ring bearer drives toy model t ford down the aisle
There is not much that children enjoy more than pretending to act like adults. A drivable toy car will make your ring bearer the coolest kid at the wedding, along with providing him a memory to cherish forever. Photo by David Michael Photography

ring bearer in sear-sucker suit and flip flops with treasure chestThis little man is perfectly prepared for a beach wedding. Not only is the treasure chest a fun and cute way to transport wedding rings, but the ring bearer and his parents will be thrilled that he is encouraged to wear sandals. Photo by Susan Stripling Photography

ring bearer riding flower-decorated tricycle down the aisle
Indulge the childlike nature of your ring bearer and decorate a tricycle for him to ride down the aisle. This element also gives you an excuse to put more flowers in your wedding! Photo by Max Shaboot Photography

For more adorable images of ring bearers, visit our photo galleries! View more stylish ring-bearer outfits here, and find out one of the cutest ways to involve kids in your wedding. 

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