5 Groomsmen Outfits That Will Make You Rethink Tuxedos

Take a look at these ensembles that break the typical groomsmen mold.

5 Groomsmen Outfits That Will Make You Rethink Tuxedos

Photo: Jana Williams Photography

As much as bridesmaids may complain about a dress cut or color being unflattering, there’s no doubt that there’s a lot more variety in outfits for bridesmaids than groomsmen. And more variety often means more fun and personalization!

For decades, men have been told to wear a black tuxedo or suit and call it a day. Maybe they would get to have a unique boutonniere or tie, but that tends to be it when it comes to men's wedding fashion. However, as weddings become more and more of an expression of the couple’s personality, the groom and his groomsmen have been able to drift away from the uniformity of the black tuxedo or suit. While that’s still the best look for a more formal fête, an alfresco affair offers the chance to try different looks for the men.

Each example below is from a real wedding, so be sure to click each image to see more from these lovely celebrations!

groom and groomsmen in khaki suits

For a modern summer wedding, a khaki suit sans tie exudes casual elegance. Photo by Vanessa Joy Photography

groom and groomsmen with suspenders and no suit jackets

To help the groom stand out, the groomsmen wore grey slacks without a suit jacket, instead accessorizing with suspenders. Photo by Luke & Katherine Griffin for Max & Friends

groom and groomsmen in gray slacks and vests

For an oceanfront summer wedding, these men opted to wear dapper vests in a light grey instead of a traditional three-piece suit. Photo by EDLT Photo

groom and groomsmen with rolled up khakis and loafers

These groomsmen pull off shabby-chic style with perfection, rolling up their khakis to show off their loafers. Photo by Jana Williams Photography

groom and groomsmen riding horses, wearing cowboy hats and jeans

There's nothing more in style right now than a rustic wedding. For couples planning a casual celebration with a country flair, groomsmen decked with cowboy hats and rich denim is the way to go! Horses not required. Photo by Mark Steines

For more ideas, visit our photo galleries to see the ensembles worn by hundreds of grooms and groomsmen featured in real weddings!