The Benefits of Using Succulents in Wedding Décor

Discover the positives of starring these desert plants in your summertime nuptials.

You don't need to have a rustic or desert-inspired wedding to include succulents in your décor. Discover ideas on how to incorporate this hearty addition!

Photo: Carter Rose for F8 Studio

You don’t need a garden- or desert-themed wedding to incorporate succulents into your décor. These plants have become increasingly popular as ornaments for office desks, windowpanes, and of course, your wedding. Succulents come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors – they could even be the "something blue" in your wedding bouquet! Some come in floral shapes and mimic other blossoms, whereas others are more slender. The primary hues for these desert plants are green and red, but they come in a variety of colors like plum, mustard, periwinkle, and even pink. Such versatility of the desert bloom allows for a perfect addition to any wedding, but they offer significant benefits for a summertime celebration.

If you’re planning or considering late spring or summertime nuptials, you’ve probably already thought about the heat. Weather determines your choice between an indoor and alfresco venue and even affects how you and your wedding party will feel in their attire. Summer temperatures might even force you to contemplate alternative options for a variety of wedding items on your checklist. If one of your concerns regarding the hot weather includes your floral arrangements, you might want to look into succulents. Unlike some florals, they can withstand heat for long periods of time and do not require the same amount of water as flowers typically do. You will also not have to worry about them wilting or falling apart throughout the day, given that the leaves are thick and sturdy. As such, succulents are a wonderful option for an alfresco wedding during the summer in particularly hot regions.

Since succulents can endure harsh weather conditions and require little care as opposed to typical flowers, they also make the perfect take-home gift for you and your guests. Whether you integrate them into your centerpieces or use them for wedding favors, guests will be able to keep them throughout the summer and even for the rest of the year – and always think of your wedding day. With just a little love, these desert plants can last a long time and be another keepsake from your nuptials.

With these benefits in mind, succulents make perfect decorations for a warm-weather wedding. If you still want flowers for your celebration but are considering these desert plants, consult with your florist about utilizing both in your décor! We recommend a combination of flowers and succulents for a full look that will provide the best of both worlds. For some inspiration on how to incorporate succulents into your special day, take a look at the images below from real weddings. Click on the links below each photo to see more from these events!

Succulent boutonniere styles for grooms groomsmen

Photo by Love and Water Photography; From Real Wedding: Destination Hawaiian Wedding with Travel & Vintage Theme in Maui

Escort cards on bed of moss and green succulents

Photo by Christian Oth Studio; From Real Wedding: Classic Vineyard Wedding in the Hamptons

Succulents in geometric gold clear terrariums

Photo by Karlisch Photography; From Real Wedding: Modern Rustic Wedding Full of Flowers and Geometric Details