Forgo the Heels: 6+ Bridal Flats You'll Want to Slip Into

View these elegant bridal flats and sandals that will make you want to ditch the pumps.

Browse through the comfortable wedding shoes brides have chosen for their big day.

Photo: Lin & Jirsa Photography

For many brides, their wedding day ensemble is one of the most important outfits that they will put together – it is crucial that every aspect reflect the individual’s personal style and level of comfort in order to feel confident throughout the big day. Some brides elect to wear stunning antique jewelry passed down as heirlooms for generations out of respect for their family, some desire a glistening crown adorning their head that makes them feel like they’re the heroine in a fairy-tale that they’ve dreamed of since childhood, and others aren’t incredibly particular about the details of their get-up or accessories.

Though opinions will vary from woman to woman, one concept is relatively universal: the wedding shoes have to be comfortable. Some ladies are incredibly well-versed in the art of the high heel and feel best when wearing pumps no less than four inches, but many women struggle to find wedding shoes that aren't boring and will fit their personal style while being able to be worn – comfortably – throughout the evening. By the end of the night, many ladies take their heels off to dance, as they’ve just become far too constricting and their feet have gotten sore from the walking and dancing of the day.

To combat this all-too-common practice, we recommend considering flat bridal shoes for your big day. Though your nuptials are supposed to be somewhat formal, with the right shoe, you needn’t sacrifice comfort for the sake of decorum.

Check out the beautiful styles of flats below from real brides for inspiration – and don’t forget to follow Inside Weddings on Pinterest for even more wedding ideas!

1. Pretty Ballet Slippers

Photo by Amanda McKinnon Photography; From Real Wedding: Bride Wears Claire Pettibone Gown to Bohemian Outdoor Wedding

2. White Bridal Sandals with Crystals

Photo by Cean One Photography; From Real Wedding: Vibrant Wedding at Romantic Beverly Hills Restaurant Il Cielo

3. Glittering Bridal Flats with Sequins

Photo by Elizabeth Messina; From Real Wedding: Farmers Market-Inspired Cocktail Hour & Shabby Chic Reception

4. Crystal-Studded Sandals

Photo by KingenSmith; From Real Wedding: Church Wedding Ceremony + Luxe Ballroom Reception in Chicago

5. Glitter Silver Flats

Photo by Aaron Delesie Photographer; From Real Wedding: Snowy Spring Celebration in Aspen, Colorado

6. Jewel-Embellished Sandals

Photo by Handeland Tesoro Photography; From Real Wedding: Oceanfront Ceremony + Ballroom Reception in Southern California

7. Cultural Flat Wedding Shoes

Intricately Designed Wedding Slippers

Photo by Lin & Jirsa Photography; From Real Wedding: Traditional Hindu Ceremony + White-Hued Reception in California

8. Wedding Flats with Wing Design

Shoes with Wing Design

Photo by Strand Photo; From Real Wedding: Vibrantly Hued Catalina Island Wedding Inspired by the Ocean

9. Christian Louboutin Flats

Sheer, Beaded Flats

Photo by Lin & Jirsa Photography; From Real Wedding: Romantic Wedding Filled with Red Roses and Gold Details

10. Metallic Wedding Sandals

Metallic Wedding Sandals

Photo by Nancy Cohn Photography; From Real Wedding: Sophisticated Beach Wedding in Key West, Florida

When to buy bridal flats? 

Flats and sandals are a great alternative for heels and pumps. If you are thinking of dancing all night at an after-party after ceremony and reception, you should definitely get yourself this type of footwear. You may also need one pair of flats or lace-up sandals if you are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony. Sand, muddy trains, or cobblestones are not a stable base for high-heeled shoes. 

However, if you need taller shoes, check out our list of 25 stylish wedding shoes.

Find more inspiration for your wedding shoes in our photo galleries, and be sure to browse hundreds of real weddings by style, color, location, and more!