The Dramatic Look of All-White Centerpieces

Floral décor that works for all seasons.

The Dramatic Look of All-White Centerpieces

Photo: John Solano Photography

Whether standing proudly in glass vases strewn with sparkling crystals or resting on top of classic metallic stands surrounded by glowing candles, centerpieces that feature gorgeous white and ivory flowers are among our most favorites. Fresh and versatile, these snowy blooms can adapt to any reception style and are the ideal complement for colorful background lighting. We've selected photographs of a few of our favorite centerpieces as seen in recently featured weddings to provide inspiration for your beautiful event. 

Yitzhak Dalal Photography

Josh Lynn Photography

Tina Rowden Photography

Simone & Martin Photography

John Solano Photography

Bob & Dawn Davis Photography

Opening photograph by John Solano Photography