How to Make Mismatched Groomsmen Look Cohesive

The trend isn't just for bridesmaids!

Mismatched bridesmaids are a popular wedding trend, but what about keeping the groomsmen looking cohesive if they also want to mismatch?

Photo: Kent Drake Photography

These days, bridesmaids in mismatched dresses – whether in the same shade and different styles, or a wide variety of gowns – is arguably as common as traditional matching ensembles. Yet, while the ladies of the wedding party are able to express their style, groomsmen are often on the other side of the aisle in matching suits and ties. However, some couples are choosing to let the men in their lives showcase different looks instead of appearing to don a uniform. After all, just as different silhouettes and necklines for dresses suit different body types, jacket styles can make a big difference in how flattering a suit is. It also allows each man to be more mindful of his individual budget. Should you elect to go this route, you may worry about the collection of ensembles looking cohesive. Below is advice on how to make sure your mismatched groomsmen look great. 

mismatched groomsmen in shades of blue, mismatched groomsmen trend
Photo by Kent Drake Photography; Floral Deisgn by HMR Designs

- Choose a color story. A group dressed in tan, grey, black, and blue is unlikely to look put together, but a general directive like “blues and greys” can be more successful. You can even create an ombré collection if the groomsmen carefully coordinate together. 

- Maintain the level of formality. One guy donning a tuxedo while another is wearing suspenders sans jacket will just look like people misunderstood the assignment. The groomsmen should still look like they’re attending the same wedding.

- Provide shopping time. As you’ll want to make sure each ensemble complements the others, the groomsmen should start searching for their attire earlier than may be customary for a traditional matching suit or tuxedo rental. 

- Consider boutonnieres. Depending on the differences between each outfit, you may not want the boutonnieres to be uniform as well – instead, try having them match the style of each groomsman’s look. 

- Make sure the groom still stands out. When bridesmaids are mismatched, the bride still draws the eye because she’s the only one in a wedding dress. For the groom, however, different styles can make it harder for him to be the center of attention. Look into accessory options and a suit color that’s unique but complementary among the group in order to keep all eyes on the groom.