How to Make Your Bridal Heels More Comfortable

You'll be dancing all night long if you use these tips.

Wedding shoes are an important part of the whole ensemble, but often brides find themselves having to sacrifice function for fashion.

Photo: Images by Berit, Inc.

Wedding shoes are an important part of the whole ensemble, but often brides find themselves having to sacrifice function for fashion. It’s understandable to want beautiful heels to go with your gorgeous dress, but remember that you have to stand on them for hours on end throughout your nuptials.

Just about every woman has experienced pinching, blisters, and general foot pain from too much time in high heels. However, often it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a choice except to deal with the discomfort, especially for those who simply can’t picture themselves in flats on their wedding day. That’s where we come in to help: Whether it comes to finding more comfortable shoes from the start, or how to make a painful pair more tolerable, we have all the tips and tricks brides and bridesmaids could possibly need:

- Do your shoe shopping after running other errands, so your feet will already be feeling the effects of an active day. This will lead to a more accurate fit.

- Shoes with a wider heel, a more rounded toe, or an ankle strap are all more likely to be closer to comfortable. Wider (and shorter) heels and ankle straps both displace pressure, while a rounded toe provides more room. Conveniently, block heels are trending right now!

- Always break in your shoes by wearing them around the house. If the fabric is stiff and tough, break them in by wearing them with thick socks and use a blow dryer to soften the material.

- You should avoid wearing heels in the days before your wedding so you don’t have extra sore spots.

- Use sandpaper to improve traction on the soles. 

- Lining the heels with moleskin or another soft fabric will allow them feel a bit better on your feet.

- Inserts, especially for the ball of the foot, arch, and heel, can be lifesavers. 

- Purchase a friction block stick, or even simple deodorant, to rub on your feet and prevent blisters.

- Cushioned strips with an adhesive backing (or moleskin again!) can keep strappy shoes from cutting into the foot.

- If they don’t feel wide enough, take a plastic bag with water, place it in the shoe, and stick it in the freezer. As the water freezes, the expanding ice will help to stretch the shoe.

- You can always turn to a professional cobbler at a shoe repair store. They can even lower the height of your heel up to an inch!
- If all else fails, bring a spare pair of dancing shoes for the reception. 

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